Friday, May 8, 2015

Prince Hotel's Eccucino 'Balik Kampung Fiesta'

 'Balik Kampung Fiesta'
At Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur.
Eccunino's Culinary team,
Cooks up authentic delights,
This fasting month!~

With different types of Kerabu...

Live Carving Station (Signature Station)
Nasi Mady Arab,
Bersama Kambing Panggang
Saffron Rice with Roasted Lamb..

Some of the main dishes:
Ayam Panggang Madu Berbijan
Roasted Chicken with Honey and Sesame

Ikan Siakap Goreng Acar Jambu
Deep Fried Sea Bass with Red Guava Salad..

Oxtail Asam Pedas
Oxtail cook with dry chilli and tamarind gravy..

Rendang Tok
Braised Beef with Local Spice

Satay Station:
Chicken and Beef Satay,
With Condiments...

Live Local Grilled Seafood,
Grilled Seafood with Air Asam,
Sambal Kicap, Cili Potong dengan Soya Sos...

Lemang & Ketupat Station...
Lemang, Lemang Pulut Hitam & Ketupat,
With Serunding & Sambal Ikan Bilis..

Live Noodle Station,
Laksa Utara & Laksa Johor Station,
With Condiments..

With different types of malay kuih,
Assorted dodol,
Tapai ubi & Tapai Pulut..
And many more!~

My favourite:
Salty egg!~

Chef William Teo & Chef Zulkefli,
Form Eccucino,
Demonstrating their cooking life...

Boiling and boiling...

Ta Da!
Nice presentation, isn't it?

"Balik Kampung Fiesta" Buffet,
Runs from 6:30pm to 9:30pm daily,
And it's priced at RM137.60 per adult,
50% for children aged 12 years and below,
And children aged below 6 years eat complimentary,
With every paying adult...
Sahur menus are served from 4:30am to 5:30 daily,
And is priced at Rm56 per addult.

For buffet reservation,
Call 03-21708888 extn. 8119
Or email
For the latest promotions!~

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge - Lovely NZ Secret Garden

I accepted New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge....
And starts to prepare the ingredients on what to cook....

My New Zealand's Hero Ingredients includes:
1st: Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter

2nd: Rockitapples:
The crunchiest apple I'd ever tasted!~

3rd: Pure South Lamb Loin,
By Alliance...
Farm Fresh to you!~
4th: Talley's Greenlipped Mussels...
In the half shell...

I applied some Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter,
On Tally's Greenlipped Mussels...
Added 2 pcs of red dates,
And 3 slices of ginger,
Then I steam it....
I cut Pure South Lamb Loin...
And only take the boneless part...

Marinated it with soy sauce, oyster sauce, 
Abalone sauce, five spices powder, starch powder...
For around 1/2 hour...

Put some Anchor Butter,
Into my hot pot...
And see the butter melt in the pot...

Put in the marinated lamb,
And start frying until it turns golden...

Wash and cut vegetables,
And boiled for just a little while...

Arrange the vegetables,
Into variety types of flowers...

My little princess,
Is quite satisfied with the flowery outcome..

Boiled quill egg,
And remove the shell..
Put into a mould...

Angelic rabbit,
Is carrying Rockitapple's Umbrella...

I cut the lamb into heart shape,
Cut a star shape Rockitapple (without the skin),
Put it on top of my 'Lovely Lamb Chop'
And make it the main flower in my garden...

The red Rockitapple's skin,
Became another lovely triangle-flowers,
In my Lovely NZ Secret Garden...

My little prince's idea,
To make the Greenshell Mussels,
As the wings of our special apple-bee...

The final outcome of...
Our Lovely NZ Secret Garden...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kenny Rogers Roasters New Menu

Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR)
Launches a brand new menu..
Which features a variety of highly popular..
And well-loved dishes...
Including some new All Time Favourites,
Lite Meals,
and Classics...
Offering exciting new variations,
For meat-lovers,
Vegetarians and healthy-eaters alike..

My top favourite:
Lite-Up Your Meal:
House Favourite...
Kenny's Quarter Chicken with 2 side dishes!~
Yummy macaroni!~

Lite-Up Your Meal:
Beef Delight..

Lite-Up Youre Meal:
Fish Delight..

Lite-Up Your Meal..
Is available for lunch (11am-3pm),
And dinner (6pm-9pm) daily...
Except on weekends and public holidays...

Bruschetta (6 pieces)
Sliced bread toasted,
And topped with tomata relish,
Made of diced tomatoes and onions..

Classic Chicken Sandwich:
Chicken Chunks & crips romaine lettuce,
Tossed with special salad tasting..
In wholemeal bread,
With coleslaw or Fresh Fruit Salad...

Egg'Cellent Sandwich:
Chopped egg mix with special salad dressing..
& crisp romain lettuce in whlemeal bread,
With coleslaw or Fresh Fruit Salad...

Fiery Flaming Wings (4 pieces):
Marinated in a special blend,
Of spicy aromatic spices,
And roast to perfection!~

Lamb Tortilla Wrap Meal:
Wholesome toasted tortilla wrap,
Filled with lamb chunks,
Lettuce & cucumber..
In Smoked BBQ dressing..
With soup or a la carte..

Grilled Beef Steak:
Imported beef marinated,
With seasoned herbs,
Then grilled to perfection..
With grilled tomato,
Mashed potato & chunky vege..

Grilled Fish Fillet:
Specially seasoned fish,
With aromatic rice & Chunky vegetables..

Grilled Lamb Chop:
Imported lamb braised,
With seasoned herbs,
Then grilled to perfection...
With grilled tomato,
Mashed potato & chunky vegetables..

Terriyaki Chicken..
Yummy terriyaki sauce!~
With mushroom soap and rice!

Chunky Veggie...
Healthy combination of broccoli,
Carrot & cauliflower...
With perfect garlic butter dressing!~

Let's try the new menu...
And dine in Kenny Rogers Roaster!~

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kitchen & Dining - iPrice

In order to cook more yummy and delicious meal..
For my 3 precious and my family...
I need to shop around for great kitchen devices...
At first I don't know where to start from..
But iPrice is definitely a great place to shop!~
With widest selection of products!~

With the mission of..
Creating the most delightful,
Online shopping experience!~

I'll show you the proof,
On how wide their selection is....
When I browse through,
Kitchen & Dining category...
I get almost everything I needed,
In my little kitchen...

From stove, steamer, oven,
And even coffer makers,
Blenders and shakers...

To tupperware for storage,
Cute container in any shapes..
You named it,
They have it!~

I can't believe my eyes!~
Where can you find 99% discount?
I guess only in iPrice?!~
I always buy ready-made yogurt for my kids..
As yogurt contain probiotic that benefits them..
But I guess,
With this kind of price range,
I really can consider buy one yogurt maker,
And start making some home-made yogurt!~

Spotted this super cute,
Stainless steal,
Cutlery spoon and fork....
With 3 designs...
Just nice for my 3 kids...

With iPrice,
Every shoppers,
Really can find,
Whatever they need...
In just a single click!~
Definitely convenient!
Definitely easy!
Definitely gonna buy the items of our choices,
With the most reasonable price?

Why wait?
Shop in iPrice,