Friday, April 8, 2016

Mama Kim Sauna Mee

Mama Kim Sauna Mee...
I really dunno there's hidden gem..
Just nearby to our neighbourhood...

Hearty, healthy meals....
That's really delicious!~

All the food are prepared,
Full of love:
5 Major Colours of the vegetables..
Fresh ingredients,
No White Sugar,
No White Flour,
Balanced Diets,
Less Deep Fried,
Less Salt...

Many people already knew about it..
I see the long queue during dinner time...
And the whole restaurant,
Is always full house....

Manage to snap one photo,
Without the crowd..
Early in the morning..
Before the restaurant is open...

All the ingredients used..
To prepare everything..
Is very fresh and healthy...

Served in simmering hot soup,
In the stone bowl..
That has been heated up to 250 degree celcius,
Sauna Mee,
Is packed with good nutrients,
And flavours from its five-hour slow-cooked soup..

Highly recommended...
The soup is very sweet...
And the mee is simply unresistable!

Fried bee hoon..
Inside the breakfast set...
A little spicy with black pepper taste..
But it's very yummy!~

Baked Cheesy Rice....
A good combination of brown rice,
And vegetables,
That are baked to keep..
The originality of its taste....

Black Porridge...
Is a balanced mix of porridge,
And black fungus,
That are both nourishing,
Delicious and good for the digestive system...

Steam Rice consists of..
Healthy brown rice...
(Looks purple to me though)
Served with portions of vegetables and meat..
As well as a bowl of double boiled soup..
Prepared right from the heart..

Cantonese seafood noodles..
I love it when I see there's a lot a lot of vegetables..
Even my kids that not really vege-lovers,
Tends to taste and like this dish!~

Pumpkin Fried Rice,
Pumpkin added a little natural sweetness..
In the fried rice...
It's MSG-free!~

Even the beverages,
Are healthy, too!~

Top drink I like:
Fruit tea...
So sweet,
So natural,
So refreshing!~

Vegetable drink is really awesome...
Soy drink is really yummy, too!~
Sweet potato drink is really refreshing!
Just love it!

One of their signature drink:
Spotted this cute cafe cup!~

Mama Kim
No 1 &3, (Ground Floor),
Jalan Pandan 4/2,
Pandan Indah,
55199 Kuala Lumpur.


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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Restaurant Skewers @ SS2

Restaurant Skewers...
Of course,
Famous with their skewers...

Scallop RM4.90 per stick
Lightly marinated in teriyaki sauce,
I like the sweet and delicate scallop...

Pork Belly RM2.90 per stick,
Xin Jiang Style,
Which tasted slightly spicy and salty...

Eggplant RM1.90 per stick...
Slightly dry to skew an eggplant.. :p

This is my top favourite:
Lamb Wrapped with Enoki Mushroom RM4.90 per stick..
I always love enoki mushroom...
The way it's wrapped with lamb..
It create another kind of yummy taste!
Creative one indeed...

Besides skewers,
They served very nice meal, too!
Cheesy Pork Ribs RM49.90,
Is the top highlight...

Look at how those pork ribs..
Dipped into the melted cheese....
So cheezy, so yummy!~
Don't really care cheese is fattening..
I just can't resist...
Simply too delicious!

Creamy Butter Mixed Seafood Rice RM11.90
I like the way the butter,
Blend into the fried seafood..
Simply heaven!

Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs Rack RM35.00,
I love how tender the rib is...
With the yummy sauce...
Definitely worth a try...

Pork bacon Bolognese RM16.90
The bacon blends well with the cheese powder..
Create another level of sensation,
To taste this bolognese....

Seafood Aglio Olio RM15.90
Fresh seafood is perfect,
With fragrant and garlic and slightly spicy aglio olio..

Moroccan Lamb Shank RM25.90
A little spicy...
But perfect combination,
With the lamb Shank..

Restaurant Skewers
11, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/75,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 018-3998260

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Food Factory

The Food Factory,
At First World Hotel,
Located in 3rd floor of..
First world Plaza....
Resorts World Genting...

Children are thrilled,
To watch the chefs at work..
Using extraordinary machinery to make food!~

 Beverages choices available...
Can choose whatever we wanna drink..

It's in buffet style....

Chicken / beef burger,
Prepared only upon order..
Served while it's still hot!~

This looks so tempting!!!~

I like the way how we are getting...
Honey syrup for the pancake...
That makes kiddos eat more pancake!~

 Feels hungry and wanna wallop all the food!~

Roasted chicken with baked potatoes...
And broccoli...

Little baby prince..
First time seeing..
The process of...
How to make Roti Jala...
And he's so excited~~~
To taste it!~

Seafood salad....
Really fresh and yummy!


Can't stop eating!!~
Eat until full full..

And tummy still got space,
For popcorns,
Chocolate fountain..
Kids all time favourite!!

Last but not least....
Yummilicious ice cream!!

All this for just RM38 nett for adult..
And RM10 nett for children between 5-11 years old...

Very worth leh!!!!!!~~~

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TC Boy

Received TC Boy Hamper...
With the best choice for tuna...

It contains recipe...
As well as a tin of mackerel,
Besides Tuna...

Tuna with Extra virgin olive oil...
Is equally nice as...
Tuna Solid in Spring water....

I didn't even know...
TC Boy got tuna with chilli padi...
Really spice up my cooking with it!~

The simplest way to eat it:
Just spread Sandwich delite tuna in Mayonnaise,
And start eating!~

It's really yummy!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Genting First World Terminal 2

Dine in Genting First World Hotel's Terminal 2...
A perfect place for breakfast....

Having a cup of coffee,
Or a cup of tea...
Overlooking amazingly beautiful scenery...
Is a great way to start our morning!~

Omelette set...
With hot dogs, wedges,
red beans, salads.
Crispy crunchy bread..
At Terminal 2 bakery...

If you're not into omelette,
Hard boiled egg could be your choice...

The set comes with beverages,
Selling at only RM25...

Exclusive little creation,
From my little princess....

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