Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Durianbb Park

Had a pleasant durian feast,
In Kafe DurianBB Park...
Farm Direct..
At Jalan Kamuning,
Off Jalan Imbi...

We can choose either to enjoy our durian,
At the open air area,
Or in the container...

Can't wait to taste the durians...

5 types of durians....
From Special VIP,
Until Musang King...

A mouthful of durians!~

Musang King Egg Roll,
Freeze Dried Musang King..
And many more yummy durian products!~

Super enjoyable durian party!
Thanks to Durianbb!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kenny Rogers Roasters Red Hot Meal for 2

Kenny Rogers Roaster (KRR)
Welcoming the New Year,
With healthy annual tradition,
The Roasters Eating Day (RED) Event!
From 10-12 January 2018

Also, present at RED,
Are the champions,
From all the 3 categories,
At the 2017 Asia Pacific Championship,
Malaysian Dodgeball Federation (MDF)
Who will also be playing at the 2018 Dodgeball World Cup,
In Madison Square Garden, New York.

 During the campaign period,
Guests are entitled to purchase,
A Red Hot Meal for 2 @ RM25
When they dine in KRR!

For every purchase of the Red Hot Meal for 2,
Guests will receive KRR's limited edition Ang Pow (6 pieces)
With discount vouchers.

Tune inton KRR's official Facebook page,
As 3,500 sets of Classic Choice Meal will be up for grabs.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Xmas meal at Lavo

Had a lovely Xmas celebrations...
At Lavo!

A little spiciness,
On the chicken wings...
Dip in the special sauce...
Perfect meal for Christmas!~

Very yummy fried kuey tiaw!~
Can't describe in words...
Just go and eat it..

Xmas is the season of sharings..
And this pizza,
Is big enough..
To share with everyone..

Very fresh prawn...
With tempting cantonese style mee...

With slight spiciness!~
I likey!

Enjoy Lavo's Christmas Special A La Carte Menu...
With the taste of Turkey in the food...

With cocktail of the month:
Santa's little helper....

Check out http://www.lavomy.com
Or Lavo's facebook page..
Or Lavo's Instagram...
Or just call +6010 3111 888 for reservation

Friday, November 24, 2017


Karihome Goat Milk Formulas,
Are manufactured by the Dairy Goat Co-operative (N.Z.) Ltd
A farmer-owned co-operative in New Zealand,
Whose goat milk production,
Reaches 90% of the total output in New Zealand..

Goat milk...
Contains more medium chain fatty acids,
Which can be absorbed easily.

It contains higher level of alpha-S2,
And more beta-casein.
These features contribute to,
The formation of softer curds,
And can be broken down more easily,
During the digestion process.

It contains more Polyamines,
And natural nucleotides,
If compared to cow's milk...

Most of all..
It tastes yummy!

If you wanna request for sample,
Kindly call Karihome careline,
At +603-5569 5405,
During office hour,
At Monday-Friday, 9am till 5:30pm

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Morning Shop

Starts eating healthy..
With cereals from Morning Shop...
Over 50 varieties of healthy breakfast choice...
Unoirted from Worldwide,
Cereal, Granola, Muesli,
With fruits, nuts, chocolates and flavors...

With 3 fruits...
A Canadian brand,
With the first ever,
To make a cereal,
With pieces of yogurt inside..
It is so crunchy and so yummy!~

Australia made & owned brand...
Dark Choc Canberry & Roasted Nut Crunchy Clusters...
With a blend of smooth cocoa,
Plus roasted nut and juicy canberries...
Just the right kind of cereal,
For my breakfast..

Wanna find your right kind of breakfast?
Hop Over to Morning Shop now!

Monday, October 16, 2017

LaZior Mayterlynn

Lazior Mayterlynn,
With high nutrients value of purple sweet potato...

It consists of:
Purple sweet potato powder,
Black glutionous rice,
Black eyed pea, soluble fiber,
Brown Rice, black bean, pearl barley,
Inulin, black seseme, red bean,
Wheat, apple fibre,
Oat bran, green bean, sorghum rice,
Flaxseed oil powder, oat flakes,
Soy bean, buckwheat, Stevia extract..

It provides us with nutrients we need daily...
To reduce the risk of:
Stroke, diabetes, inflammatory diseases,
Colon cancers, asthma, & heart diseases...

It also promote healthy blood pressure levels,
Maintain a healthy weight,
Reduce gum disease and prevent tooth loss,
Relieve constipation,
Maintain healthy arteries.
Rich in fibers,
keep sense of satiety,
Keep blood sugar balance,
And prevent blood sugar soaring...

The very most important is...
It tastes so yummy!
I drink this,
Every morning now...

High nutrients value of..
Purple sweet potato:
Anthocyanin -
Antioxidant, free radical scavenging,
Skin anti-aging for improve skin texture..

Cellulose -
Promote gastrointestinal motility,
Help digestion

Vitamins -
Lose weight,
Enrich blood

Selenium -
Repair heart muscles,
Strengthen the function of immune system

Amino Acids -
Enhance physical fitness,
Endocrine Conditioning..

The very most important:
It's so delicious to drink..
And I drink it every morning now!~

Friday, September 15, 2017

Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme 500g at 11street

Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme 500g..
A nutritional multigrain beverage,
That promotes healthy bones, joints and muscle,
Enabling us to stay active,
To explore life with excitement and energy,
Regardless of age...

It's Trans fat free food,
Cholesterol free...
And it's suitable for lactose intolerance individuals..

It is high in Protein, Calcium and Vitamin B12,
And it's rich source of Magnesium...
It is definately a source of dietary fibre...

Yummy brown rice,
With isolated pea protein,
And mangosteen fruit extract...

It offers 7-colour ingredients:
Red: Raspberry
Yellow: Yellow pea
White: Oat
Green: Wheatgrass
Brown: Brown rice, cocoa
Black: Black sesame, blackberry
Purple: Mangosteen, blueberry, elderberry

Which helps to develop strong bones and teeth...

To achieve greatest health,
Hop over to 11street,
And try it out..
It's so yummy and healthy!~