Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe

I always love the design....
@ Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe......

It always make me feels cosy and comfortable,
Even the moment before I step into the cafe!~

Lots of greenery.....
With luxury feelings!~

Having my first spoon of pumpkin soup!~
My little baby prince love it so much!~

Ice Lemon Tea......
Just nice to drink,
Not too sour!~
My mum love this so much!~

Fried Rice with Black Pepper Chicken....
My little princess eat all the chicken...
Quite surprisingly that she eat it with black pepper,
As normally she'll be complaining 'spicy' about black pepper,
But not this round...
Guess it's too delicious that she forgot about 'spicy'!~

My little prince love spaghetti!~
He basically eat all the prawns...
And drink a lot of water while eating this!~
It's quite spicy for him as he doesn't really eat spicy stuff...
But I think the taste is just nice for me.....
I'm pretty surprise,
He, too, same like my little girl:
Spiciness doesn't stop him from eating the dish, too!~
I finish up what he didn't finish,
Because he said he want to eat the next coming up tomato pasta!~

He order this Tomato pasta!~
And he ate almost half the plate,
Even after eating the seafood spaghetti!~
Really superb!~
As he's really a very picky eater!~
And the plate is quite huge portion!~

Oh ya!
Almost forgot to mention,
They did eat chocolate ice cream,
And they finish it up,
Before I even have the chance
To snap a photo of the ice cream...
You can imagine how yummy it is!~ Hahahaa~

Guess I need to bring them to dine more,
In Garden, Sunway Pyramid...
As they enjoy every single dish here....


  1. I've seen Garden in Sunway Pyramid before, but I haven't had the chance to sample their dishes.

    The spaghetti dish looks yummy!

  2. It's one of my favourite makan spots too ^.^

  3. Love this type of cafe, nice place to chill out!