Sunday, June 29, 2014

Subway @KL Sentral

Breakfast set,
With a cup of coffee,
KL Sentral...

Nice wonderful breakie,
While having a transit,
From KTM To LRT..


  1. I'd always remember the time I'd always patronize the Subway branch near my campus in between my classes... my lecturer used to have Subway for lunch on a daily basis; would run into him more than once there. =)

  2. Not sure if my first comment went through, so I'm giving it a second shot. ^^

    I'd always remember the time I'll go to Subway (either alone or with classmates) to grab a quick pick-me-up in between classes (since I don't always have enough time to eat an actual lunch.... to the point where I was able to remember the Sub of the Day flavors. =D

    In addition, I used to run into my lecturer, who would patronize the Subway outlet near our campus on a daily basis, more than once there. =)

  3. Both you comments successfully went through!~

    Agree with you, it's quick to grab and it's very convenient to buy and most of all, yummy to eat and serve while it's hot!~