Thursday, September 25, 2014

Genting Behind The Scenes Tour - See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop

It's a great way to end,
Our Behind The Scenes Tour,
By having and hands on experience,
On how to decorate cupcakes,
As well as how to make sushi..

We started the interactive and enjoyable program,
By See-ing how the chef do,
Then we Do it ourselves...
The last part is all about filling our stomach - EAT!~

Cupcakes decoration,
By me and my little princess...

Chef is demonstration,
How to make Sushi...

Instead of rolling it the chef's way...
Little princess to make a hand roll...
And we finish up the whole sushi,
Before taking any photos!~

Either we're too hungry,
Or the sushi we made is too yummy!

Ice Age Adventure
Venue: GICC
Time: 10am-10pm
Price: RM20 nett per person

Behind The Scenes Tour:
Visitor Galleria
Genting International Showroom
First World's Hotel's Laundry
See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop
Meeting Place:
First World Theme Park Wristband Counter
OR Vision City Video Games Park, Genting Grand
Time: 2:15pm until 5pm
Price:  RM20 per person
Pre-booking via email
Or call 03-61011118 Ext. 55678


  1. When I visited Seoul before, we tried making kimchi. I think I will also enjoy this sushi making session. The cupcake decorating will be enjoyed by my kids.

  2. i love doing things like this especially when food is involved XD

  3. The cupcakes realy cute, never had any memories with my mom like that ^^
    I don't really like sushi :(

  4. Doing the culinary thing makes me feel I'm alive with my life forever. I knew what you feel when doing this learning.

  5. Wow.. you learnt how to make some really yummy food. I hope you enjoyed the session.

  6. I would want only the last part of the program haha. Eating time is really the best! All the food presentations looked great. This is a good bonding time with moms and daughters.

  7. looks like you have a very great & fun tour! I think the most fun part is eat that pretty cupcakes,,xixixi <3

  8. It's nice to see first hand how they make their cupcakes and sushi. I'm sure you learned a lot from them.

  9. Making sushi part is my favourite and cake decoration looked fun too! Which is your favourite? The lesson (take back ) from the lesson made the trip worthwhile I guessed?

  10. Oh My Goodness! Wish I could have trailed along and tried some of that food (well, all of it, lol).

  11. The cupcakes look good enough to eat! It would be fun to learn how to properly decorate one..

  12. how interesting that you get to experience the behind the scenes tour! Would love to try it too.

  13. I hope you put more step by step photos next time so we could also know more about the experience. You looked like you had fun though :)

  14. Food! Make me hungry now! It looks so fun!