Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Make My Magnum

This is my very first experience....
Customizing my very own Magnum Ice Cream..
At Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur...

Was greeted by a very friendly staff....
To offer me a variety of choice,
For the topping....

First step on how to Make my Magnum:
Choose 3 of my favourite topping...

Oh my!~
The selection is so wide!~
It's pretty hard to make up my mind...
I hope it won't taste 'weird',
With my choice of
Oreo, Rose Petal and Golden ball..

Step 2:
I choose Vanilla instead of Chocolate Brownie,
For my choice of Ice Cream...

Step 3:Coat it!~
With Magnum's Famous Chocolate Indulgence!~

Step 4: Top It...
And make it rain!~~~

Step 5: Drizzling....
To make it more presentable..

Step 6: Setting..
The final touch,
Adding the Magnum 'M'
On My Magnum...

Ta Da!~
It looks great!~
And it tastes great!~

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