Thursday, October 8, 2015

Roll Sushi with Aino

My kids participated,
In "Roll Sushi with Aino"
Organized by Aino Living...

A sushi bread rolling session,
For children aged 3-10....
At Desa Park City outlet...

Demonstration by Chef instructor...
On how to make the bread sushi...

Patiently teaching the kids,
Step by step....

Now it's time for the kids..
To have fun and start rolling!~

After adding the ingredients:
Honey dew, apples,
Eggs with mayonnaise,
Plus chicken floss....

Apply mayonnaise on the seaweed...

Start sushi rolling!~

Cut it into smaller pieces...

Ta Da!~
Ready to eat!~

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  1. wahhh your kids can be a good helper to you one day :)

  2. Nice educational workshop for the young ones.. They can easily make their own breakfast next time :)

  3. yumms. make me wanna go and roll some sushi too. these days kids got a lot of fun workshops lah!

  4. Good idea to teach kids to start making sushi from young, think I'll train mine, since they already familiar with the various knives I have. Time to put them to work churning out sashimi for me to munch. LOL.

  5. wow. so yummy, lucky day for the kids. Sons saw say.. wah.. nice leh

  6. sushis!! aww. it's good to let the kids exposed to this at young age.

  7. It is easy to do sushi ..the cute kids can learn..last time I was kid, my mom teach me how to do sushi. I really love to do more! ;)

  8. What an awesome activity for the kids and their parents. You can now even roll your own sushi at home.

  9. A great way to creatively teach kids how to start preparing their own meals too. hehe. Arent there any workshop for adults too? hehe

  10. Good to start them this age to explore. Maybe they will be junior chefs soon

  11. nice and is fun. And is a good things to spare time with ur kids

  12. Awesome experience for the kiddies... I am amazed at their capability at times when you let them loose to do these kind of things...

  13. I always thought that sushi-making is hard.
    Good to know that it is not that hard

  14. I also want to roll sushi with Aino, such a fun event.

  15. oooh, got to get my kids to learn how to make me sushi rolls too ! :D

  16. LOL when I saw this on another blogger's post, I thought you guys made the sushi using bread dough but now only I see that it's baked bread slices! How does it taste?

  17. Interesting event, the kids seemed had so much fun making the delicious sushi :)

  18. aww too bad we were in the different group, i don't think i manage to see you at all only see your kids.