Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Genting's Coffee Terrace Buffet Lunch

Having our buffet lunch...
At Genting's Coffee Terrace...

Chef's local food:
Chicken Rice...
Perfect match with the sauces,
And nutritious soup....

Ipoh Hor Fun....
You can ops to have mee,
Instead of hor fun....
The best part of all is..
You decide what ingredients...
And how much ingredients,
You wanna add in...
In your bowl of soupy mee / hor fun!~
Total flexibility!

My kids like to eat it on its own..
But I prefer to eat it with the satay sauce!~
What about you?

Chinese food...
All the dishes looks pretty tempting!~
Best accompaniment with white rice!~

Western food...
Thumbs up for their white sauce,
It's really creamy!~
And it goes well with almost everything!~

Flavors of Malaysia..
Everything is spicy!~
If you like spicy food..
You really can't resist this!~

Sweet sweet dessert!~
Lots of variety available..
Just choose a few...
As stomach is pretty full already...

Last but not least,
Very presentable..
Sorbet Lemon Ice Cream!~

All these food are available,
In Coffee Terrace Buffet Lunch
At promotional price of only RM38!~

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  1. Looks like have lotta variety there with affordable price. Would like to give it a try when I visit Genting. :)

  2. been there for buffet a couple of times :) i always go for the japanese and dessert corners only hahah...

  3. gimme gimme gimme.... I always think Genting Coffee Terrace serves pretty good food

  4. Buffets are always great when youre REALLY hungry. ahha. but i might not be hungry enough and end up eating only a small portion :p

  5. The food looks pretty good especially the Hor Fun since we can customise it! More food choices at Genting now ;)

  6. Chicken rice! I love chicken rice though I prefer roasted chicken over steamed ones hehe. Buffet for RM 38 is rather reasonable :)

  7. I like their desserts and ice cream. With the price, really worth to have it again.

  8. I always love Ipoh Hor Fun. The food looks good and buffet price is reasonable too.

  9. For desserts i don't usually eat all those haha, like a typical malaysian i would go for all the "mahal" ones like sushi XD

  10. Quite a lot of choices to choose from. The best part is it is really afforable.

  11. wah... sedap2 belaka.. mest kena try
    berbaloi dgn harganya

  12. A variety of cuisine to choose from Coffee Terance. I have tried it 2 yrs ago. A bit expensive for the lunch buffet but i enjoy the food.

  13. not bad, but every time i'm up at genting, rather than eat at genting highlands hotels there, i will call for a van down to the mushroom farm to eat chinese cuisine there.. cheaper oh.

  14. RM 38 is definitely cheap and there are plenty of food to choose from. will go one day!

  15. Nice food and environment to dine to a cold cold city of Genting with good pricing too

  16. yummm local dishes are always the best. that lemon sorbet looks good too :D

  17. Wow nice food, especially the Ipoh Hor Fun, my favorite, yummy :)

  18. The buffet choices available suitable for my taste bud! Gonna try this in my next visit to Genting :)
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  19. I had bad experience with Genting food but I wouldn't mind to try coffee terrace, as per recommended by you :)

  20. Many food you eat alot! Genting Coffee Terrace Buffet promo so cheap! We will try one when we are free go to Genting ya!

  21. What a variety to choose from. The environment looks cosy, should try it out the next time I am there :)