Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Food Factory

The Food Factory,
At First World Hotel,
Located in 3rd floor of..
First world Plaza....
Resorts World Genting...

Children are thrilled,
To watch the chefs at work..
Using extraordinary machinery to make food!~

 Beverages choices available...
Can choose whatever we wanna drink..

It's in buffet style....

Chicken / beef burger,
Prepared only upon order..
Served while it's still hot!~

This looks so tempting!!!~

I like the way how we are getting...
Honey syrup for the pancake...
That makes kiddos eat more pancake!~

 Feels hungry and wanna wallop all the food!~

Roasted chicken with baked potatoes...
And broccoli...

Little baby prince..
First time seeing..
The process of...
How to make Roti Jala...
And he's so excited~~~
To taste it!~

Seafood salad....
Really fresh and yummy!


Can't stop eating!!~
Eat until full full..

And tummy still got space,
For popcorns,
Chocolate fountain..
Kids all time favourite!!

Last but not least....
Yummilicious ice cream!!

All this for just RM38 nett for adult..
And RM10 nett for children between 5-11 years old...

Very worth leh!!!!!!~~~

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  1. wa so many choices like that. Wish to go there one day with the family

  2. i can easily fill my stomach with all the ice creams here! :D especially during cold weather at genting

  3. Looks like such an awesome place to dine and I so want to try it out next time I happen to be in Genting....

  4. My children love the food there and with the price of a child of RM10, I will definitely come back again.

  5. interesting name.. food factory, churning out food day after day :D

  6. Wah, look at the spread of delicious scrumptious food, can't wait to try out there :)

  7. i spotted a coffee machine there,
    Rm38 is way enuff for this

  8. The buffet spread at this restaurant is quite good and nice weather to dine there.

  9. You had me at the shrimp salad yummmm aaahh you had me on every picture lol! There you got it :)

  10. I think I'll work my way up it backwards. I'm starting with the ice cream!

  11. you make me so hungry now....ahhh