Monday, July 22, 2013

Kids Eat For Free @ Sakae Sushi

The main reason we dine,
@Sakae Sushi, 1 Utama.....
Kids eat for free!~
Every first Sunday of the month...

Our free kids meal....
He really enjoying,
Every single moment of...
Chewing the sushi!~
After all,
He just having his very first teeth!~

Little princess still,
Fancy with this aeroplane meal,
And ordered it again.......
Since the free kids meal,
Comes with minimum order of RM30,
We need to order something else to eat, too!~

As usual,
My eldest love this fire engine meals...

Hubby likes this soft shell crab maki,
With soft shell crab, sweet beancurd,
Plus spicy mayonnaise...

This is my favourite of the day....
Spicy Salmon Cheese Maki...
With spicy Salmon mayo,
Japanese cucumber, cheese and shrimp roe...
I love this simply because it's really very cheezy!~


  1. wow i didnt know sakae got this kind of offer! so good! haha

  2. Ethan loves those vehicles meals too!

  3. Very nice meal! Must drop by this place one day.

  4. Lee Anne, nice..

    Henry, now you know.. :p

    Merryn, haha.. Boy's favourite..

    Shirley, yup... it is...

    Health Freak Mommy, go ahead..