Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sakae Sushi Fortune Salmon Yee Sang

Sakae Sushi,
Fortune Salmon Yee Sang..
Available from 19 Jan - 5 Mar 2015...

Success (1-2pax) at RM29.80
Money (6-8pax) at RM49.80'

Step 1:
Open up the Crispy pok chui,
And pour it into the yee sang...

Step 2:
Pour the sauce..

Step 3:
Ready to be served..

 Let's lou sang now!~

Very yummilicous Chawan Mushi,
By Sakae Sushi...

A bowl of miso soup...
For my thirst of soup..

Main course...
What I can tell you is...
Everything is so delicious~~~

Dine, Collect and redeem...
Lucky Bag Giveaway...
RM30 = 1 stamp
When you get 8 stamps,
Redeem your lucky bag worth RM88 for free!~
Stamp collection period: 8 Jan - 5 Mar 2015
Gift Redemption Period: 21 Jan - 8 Mar 2015

Hope you enjoy,
Your Chinese New Year Treats,
In Sakae Sushi,
As much as we did!~


  1. Yummy yee sang. Let's go lou sang at Sakae with such good promo going on. :D

  2. It looks delicious... its got my tummy rumbling!

  3. They have really tasty food choices here. They look like something you would come back for often.

    1. Yup.. I went there for the 3rd time already, since the day I write about it..

  4. Great yummy food! Would love to try them all.!

  5. I haven't seen this product here in the Philippine market but one thing for sure this taste great!

  6. Lou Hei is a Chinese tradition which all Chinese have to go through, because it's for good luck. I ordered Salmon Yu Sheng from Sakae everytime because I love the salmon!

  7. foodie! im interested in that fortune salmon. how does it taste?

  8. Thanks for sharing this post. It looks quite delicious.=)

  9. To be honest I've never tried this foodie ever before. Still, a good one try, seems yummy.

  10. Now, I'm hungry. Can I have some? lol

    Great instructional post!

  11. All of these dishes are looking very yummy!

  12. Sakae Sushi yee sang is quite good, especially their salmon is fresh. I love that Lucky Bag.

  13. Just reading those instructions of pouring the contents of the sachet makes me expect a really tasty savory treat. I wish they can send some over here! Hehe.

  14. Not a big fan of lou sang but it looks delicious!

  15. What is going on with your blog? Parts of the post seems missing. Let us know when it's fixed. Good photos though.

  16. To be honest I have never tried Sakae Sushi in my life but judging by your mouthwatering photos it must be very delicious indeed so I would love to get the chance and try it!

  17. Great little giveaway! I am sure the winner will be very happy.!

  18. Can't say no to japanese food! The crispy salmon salad looks delicious :)