Thursday, February 5, 2015

La Maison Restaurant @ Silka Maytower - Bubbling Prosperity Steamboat

I was invited to....
Dine in La Maison Restaurant,
At Silka Maytower, Kuala Lumpur...

Having their Lunar Feast:
Bubbling Prosperity Steamboat...
Dating with my little prince...

I kind of love the way,
They present the ingredients,
Of the steamboat...
As much as I like the environment,
Of the restaurant itself...
A really comfy and cosy place,
To eat bubbling steamboat!~

Usher in the auspicious Lunar New Year,
With wide selection of fresh seafood, meats,
Vegetables and many more,
With choice of chicken or Tom Yum broth...

Little prince's prefer chicken soup,
Since he's not really into spicy;
I love their tom yum...
Tasted a bit sweet initially,
But that's the unique part of their tom yum soup...
Sweet and yummy!~
Both broth fit perfectly with the ingredients provided!~

Choice of sauces are available..
I tried it all...
The sauces taste nice,
But I personally prefer,
To eat it just without the sauces..
Just a habit of mine...

Little prince's having slight cough...
And they're caring enough...
To offer him a cup of warm honey lemon:
Manually adding in,
As much honey or lemon,
Of his choice!~
He's enjoying himself....
Deciding how many lemon should he put in..

I had a cup of orange juice instead..
With fresh oranges!~

Guess what?
We are served with,
These crunchy and crispy Keropok,
While waiting for our steamboat,
To be bubbling-cooked!~

I'm truly impressed,
By the kind of great service,
The restaurant is providing to us!~
Thumbs up!!!

A meal won't be complete without dessert...
Here goes our vanilla-chocolatey dessert:
Ice cream!
I better put it in my mouth,
Before it starts melting!~


Bubbling Prosperity Steamboat
28 January to 28 February
6.30pm onwards
RM23++ per person,
With complimentary Iced Lemon Tea and Ice Cream

For every eight paying adults, the ninth dines for free

For more information or to make a reservation, please call +603 2692 9298 or visit

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