Monday, February 9, 2015

Eight Gourmets Gala - Auspicious Reunion Menu

8 Unique Dining Concepts,
Under one roof!~
- Caffeinees
- Hook & Cook
- Malt Berry Ape
- Yi
- Chiyo Sushi
- Hakka Crab
- Nibbles
- Confessions of Lady Laura

We're in Eight Gourmets Gala,
Trying out their Auspicious Reunion Menu..

What I can say is..
This is the biggest bowl of Yee Sang,
I'd ever 'lou'!~

Take a look at the salmon in the bowl,
So big portion, kan?!~

Chef Kenny,
Assisting us,
By pouring the sauces,
In adequate portions....
Before we starts using our chopsticks,
To lou sang!~

Each and every ingredients inside,
Is really super duper fresh!~
I even can taste the freshness and sweetness,
Of the ingredients,
Even they're mixed up,
After we 'lou' it!~

Coming up next,
The luxury Poon Choi...

I have to be honest to you,
That this is my first time eating Poon Choi..
It's truly very fun...
To explore the 'treasure' inside the pot
Layer by layer...
From the top layered of abalone,
To the bottom layered of vegetables..
Every food in the pot,
Fit my taste bud perfectly...

Highly recommended,
By a sua-ku-no-more...

It's truly a comfy and cosy,
Fine dining experience here!~

Poon Choi with Abalone,
Selling at RM258+

Half Portion Salmon Yee Sang,
Selling at RM68+
Full Portion Salmon Yee Sang,
Selling at RM98+


For more information,
Kindly visit

Eight Gourmets Gala (EGG)
Suite G-01, Ground Floor,
Pinnacle Annexe,
Persiaran Lagoon,
Bandar Sunway,
47500 Selangor.

Business Hours:
Open daily 11am-11pm

For reservation purposes,
Kindly Contact:
017-948 8684
Or email

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