Monday, December 21, 2015

Brunch & Munch

Brunch & Munch,
A new food concept,
From GTower team!~

Brunch & Munch's menu..
Offers exciting new food experience,
Dishing up creative twists on comfort food,
With a focus of EGG-citing creations...

Inspired by urban casual cafes concepts,
But localized to the great ingredients that Asia has to offer.

Diners may choose from a simple menu,
Was crafted around 'MUNCH' items,
Which are lighter in between meals snacks..
And 'BRUNCH' items which are all day dining,
And more substantial dishes!

Egg-cellent Salad - RM18
With Egg white, quail egg,
Carrot, bacon, onion rings, radiocchio,
Rocket with honey-citrus dressing & lemon..

The mixture and combination,
Is really superb!~
Really Egg-cellent!!!

Pork Corn Belly - RM18
Roasted pork belly in dark soy sauce,
With side choice of hash brown or steamed rice..

The Xiu Yok looks very tempting!~
Immediately took a bite,
After I saw the blackie xiu yok!~
The taste is really amazing!~

Carbonara - RM26
Carbonara style tagliatelle,
Pork belly, bacon aged cheese,
Mushrooms & sous-vide egg..

I love the way the egg was cooked...
Tasted very well when it mixed perfectly into the pasta!~

Brunch & Munch Cheese "BOAR-GER' - RM35
House-made BBQ Pork Patty
Lap Cheoung, bacon,
Sunny egg, aged cheddar,
Pineapple relish, tomato,
Gherkin, lettuce, coleslaw..

I normally don't like to eat the bread of the burger..
But this is one exceptional case...
The charcoal bread is really soft and nice to munch!~
I love the Boar-Ger,
From the topping until the bottom!~
Simply delicious!~

Not So 'BOAR' Ribs - RM30
Slow-cooked marinated ribs,
Potato wedges, Sauteed cabbage & Bacon..

The Boar really can 'roar'
The rib is well-marinated,
And the taste is so nice..

BKT Eggs & Belly - RM18
Traditionally cooked tea egg & pork-bacon,
In tea broth with steamed rice!~

The aroma of Bah kut teh is pretty tempting!~
It really goes inside the whole egg and pork!~
Nice black egg!~

Scottish Eggs - RM18
Soft-boiled eggs in spiced pork...
Sweet sauce and pickled cucumber!~

The taste is uniquely nice!
I likey!~

Great food comes with mouth-watering drinks!~
In Brunch & Munch
G Village,
Lot G-05, Jalan 1/76,
Off Jalan Desa Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. The Scottish eggs look really good! Yummy. I love the egg decor also.. reminds me of humpty dumpty

  2. Look so nice there! Must visit the restaurant with my family soon!

  3. i will recommend this restaurant to my non muslim friends :)

  4. The egg is such a highlight! Wish to try out their dishes one day :)

  5. The food looks nice huh.. I like all your photos. thanks for sharing brunch and munch for us. :P

  6. House-made BBQ Pork Patty looks tempting. Will bring my Little Angels there to try it out.

  7. It looks like a very quirky place! :) love its menu too

  8. This cafe ambient and decor is superb, so instagram worthy. I have not try their food yet.

  9. Shouldn't check your blog during midnight. Very hungry now hehe.

  10. The ambience looks cosy and love the huge egg deco. Will certainly alert my friends who love their share of pork to haunt this joint.

  11. Lovely pictures but alas I cannot try this but well, I will recommend it to my Non Muslim pals

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  13. Ooh place looks nice and the food looks great too. They've got pork and all. Will definitely tell my non-muslim friends about this!

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  15. My favorite is the Carbonara, will visit again for this creamy pasta :)

  16. I am interested in the BKT but the oiliness scares me D:

  17. oh yum the restaurant looks like very romantic type is it, very dark and the food looks great

  18. so much meaty goodness .. hehe and eggy goodness too. I like it