Monday, December 28, 2015

Meja Kitchen & Bar @ TREC

Meja Kitchen & Bar,
Located in the latest happening place:
TREC, Kuala Lumpur...

A place to hang around with friends,
A place to dine together with family...
The atmosphere is just superb!~
With great comfy environment,
Plus yummilicious food!

Meja Chicken Nachos!~
A great bite to munch on...
It's very crispy and crunchy...
I'm not really a Nachos-lover,
But I can ensure you,
This is really worth a try!~
Even a non-Nachos fans will fancy it!~

Cucur Udang!~
This is the best ever cucur udang,
I'd ever tasted!~
Super pluffy!~
Super soft!~
Super yummy!~
Super nice!~

Tempura Calamari...
If you like finger food..
You'll definately chew it,
Until you reach the very last circle of ring..
In the bowl!~

Salmon Salad..
Vegetables is served fresh,
Salmon is very fresh!~
Very refreshing appetizer indeed...

Mushroom soup,
Served with garlic bread...
Perfectly creamy!~

Tom Yam Soup...
Sour and spicy as how the tom yam should be...
With additional of sweetness,
From the freshness of seafood..

Asam Laksa!~
It's sour and spicy!~
Asam laksa gonna love this!~
Luxury one..
With Salmon!~
Special, right?

Curry Laksa...
Just one word to describe:

More Asian delight,
With Satay!~

Nasi Lemak!~
Crispiness of chicken is amazing!~
Served with lots of ikan bilis and nuts!

Chicken Rice..
They really serving,
All Malaysian cuisine!~
And not just only Malaysian cuisine...

Seafood Spaghetti!~

And more spaghetti!~
Their spaghetti tasted superb, too!~

Everything under one roof,
Isn't it?

 Grilled Salmon..

 Grilled Premium Grass Fed Sirloin Steak..

A waffle that brings back,
Lots of childhood memories!~

This is the best ever waffle I'd ever tasted!~

Having a cup of coffee,
After eating all the dishes!


Meja Kitchen & Bar
Unit EG-10 & EG-11,
Ground Floor,
TREC Kuala Lumpur,
No. 436, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2110 5657


  1. Sedapnya cucur udang. Sesuai di makan ketika petang nyumnyummm

  2. Heard this restaurant before but never try it before. Would give it a try! :P

  3. TREC has quite a number of new food outlets! I should really check them out!

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  5. this place looks quite posh :) passed by before but i have not tried the food. probably would love to drop by too!

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  7. salmon salad is so good.. I want to try it out.. must visit it soon :D

  8. the food looks so nice. will try it out soon!!

  9. The food looks really awesome. Sometimes, eating local is the best!

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  13. The food so tempting and delicious. Make my saliva drop when view the picture

  14. Looks like this place has quite a variety of local and also western food selection. I am eyeing at that tom yam, looks delicious though.

  15. The chicken nachos got me drooling. Eh no! Actually everything got me feeling hungry. I'm so like 'katak bawah tempurung'. Why didn't i know this. Definitely gonna be a good place to chill with my girlfriends. :D

  16. awesome looking food there, and yes nothing better than a cup of coffee to end a great meal

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