Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fresh @ Thistle PD

We had Dinner @ Fresh,
Thistle Port Dickson Resort...

 Love the decoration,
And environment @ the restaurant...

Started our meals...
With varieties of appetizers...

First time trying minestrone soup...
It tastes a little bit weird to me...

We can choose,
Whether to eat,
White rice, fried rice, or Singapore bee-hoon...
Accompanied with:
Butter vegetables!~
I kind of enjoy the butterly smell,
Together with the carrot and broccoli...
Nice combination!~

Chicken Ala King~~~
It looks like there's a lot of spices,
But I wonder why the chicken is tasteless to me...
Probably there's something wrong with my tougue???

Deep Fried Quail!~
Very very yummy!~
Thumbs up!!!~~~

Fried fish with spicy sauce...
Lucky enough,
The sauce is not as spicy~~~
The kids can still enjoy this dish!~

Lamb Stew!
My top favourite for this meal!!
The lamb tastes just too delicious!~
I ate so much of these~~~

Striplion with Onion Sauce..
Since I don't really consume beef..
I just miss the taste of this dish..
But according to my hubby,
This is super duper yummilicious!~
I can really tell by the amount of striplion he ate..
Having a cup of coffee or tea...
After the main dish~~~~
My kids enjoying pressing the buttons,
And made their very own cup of coffee,
For their parents!~
They enjoyed toasting the bread,
And spread the butter on the bread,
All by themselves, too!~

Same like appetizers,
There's a huge variety of desserts, too!~
Even though we are very full..
But we still tempted to try the desserts..
Too colourful!~
Sweet sweet desserts,
A great way to end our dinner!~


  1. I've always wanted to take the drive to Thistle, but too lazy...looking at your pictures of Fresh is really making my stomach churn at the tempting plates of food. How much did the buffet dinner cost?

  2. You really need to go Thistle one round.. The hotel's environment is so beautiful... I love it so much!~ The food is tempting, too!