Thursday, September 5, 2013

High 5 Bread Town Cafe

Visited High 5 Bread Town,
For my little princess's school field trip...

We had a light meal,
@ High 5 Bread Town Cafe,
Before heading back to her kindy...

The huge menu,
Of the cafe!~

Preparing sandwiches,
With the freshly baked High 5 bread....

Hot dog Bread
+ Milo drinks
This is what we had in the cafe~~~~
It's pretty nice,
To eat in the environment,
Full of aroma of bread-baking smell...
Fresh bread really taste a lot more yummier!~


  1. I've been here before too! :D

    It's a nice place eh, there's a museum and you can get the freshest possible bread there (and their cakes too!).

  2. Huai Bin, the bread and cakes are extra yummy because of the freshness!