Friday, May 8, 2015

Prince Hotel's Eccucino 'Balik Kampung Fiesta'

 'Balik Kampung Fiesta'
At Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur.
Eccunino's Culinary team,
Cooks up authentic delights,
This fasting month!~

With different types of Kerabu...

Live Carving Station (Signature Station)
Nasi Mady Arab,
Bersama Kambing Panggang
Saffron Rice with Roasted Lamb..

Some of the main dishes:
Ayam Panggang Madu Berbijan
Roasted Chicken with Honey and Sesame

Ikan Siakap Goreng Acar Jambu
Deep Fried Sea Bass with Red Guava Salad..

Oxtail Asam Pedas
Oxtail cook with dry chilli and tamarind gravy..

Rendang Tok
Braised Beef with Local Spice

Satay Station:
Chicken and Beef Satay,
With Condiments...

Live Local Grilled Seafood,
Grilled Seafood with Air Asam,
Sambal Kicap, Cili Potong dengan Soya Sos...

Lemang & Ketupat Station...
Lemang, Lemang Pulut Hitam & Ketupat,
With Serunding & Sambal Ikan Bilis..

Live Noodle Station,
Laksa Utara & Laksa Johor Station,
With Condiments..

With different types of malay kuih,
Assorted dodol,
Tapai ubi & Tapai Pulut..
And many more!~

My favourite:
Salty egg!~

Chef William Teo & Chef Zulkefli,
Form Eccucino,
Demonstrating their cooking life...

Boiling and boiling...

Ta Da!
Nice presentation, isn't it?

"Balik Kampung Fiesta" Buffet,
Runs from 6:30pm to 9:30pm daily,
And it's priced at RM137.60 per adult,
50% for children aged 12 years and below,
And children aged below 6 years eat complimentary,
With every paying adult...
Sahur menus are served from 4:30am to 5:30 daily,
And is priced at Rm56 per addult.

For buffet reservation,
Call 03-21708888 extn. 8119
Or email
For the latest promotions!~


  1. The food here look absolutely delicious. I would love to be able to make and/or eat some of these dishes.

  2. Going KL soon for the Floral event. Not that I miss the malay food, but I only like certain Malay food, the rest are too fattening for my liking.

  3. The food looks so great! I always like trying international cuisine like this! :D

  4. Lots of food from Malaysian cuisine? Kambing is good with spicy note to its taste. More of these meals in the future.

  5. Roasted lamb, sea bass, oxtail, and there's more! What a treat! I would love to sample their buffet someday.

    By the way, what's Kerabu?

  6. I'm not too familiar with some of the dishes, but I'm sure it's a gastroadventure with this Balik Kampung Fiesta buffet. Everything looks good!

  7. The presentation for the food was done uniquely. Everything looks yummy, though admittedly I haven’t tried those kinds of food before.

  8. wow, that's a good spread of malay cuisine! but it's really pricey!

  9. Oh wow - what a lovely restaurant! All the food is so colourful and looks so yummy!

  10. The presentation of food in pots is a new concept for me because the buffets I've been to, most of their foods are placed in stainless steel trays.

  11. We live in nearby countries, but I am not familiar with this food. There are no good Malaysian restaurants here I think. There is Thai, Indonesian, even Singaporean, but no Malaysian.

  12. Those arereally appetizing dishes. And I love to try out that Saffron Rice with Roasted Lamb..

  13. Ah, it's the fasting month again soon, isn't it! I missed the days when I had to visit KL regularly for work, I'll admit, mainly for the food. The buffets during the fasting month are such feast!

  14. What a gorgeous buffet just thinking where to start the food from as all are so tempting and fresh.

  15. The food looks scrumptious! I am sure you were kicking your fingers by the end of it!

  16. I don't understand how people break fast with so many items. My stomach seems to shrink during the fasting month and the most I can fit in are rice, meat and vege ;D

  17. This is a feast! I've never tried a Malaysian buffet yet, I'd be happy to experience one someday. Although I've visited your beautiful country several times, this is something I've totally missed doing.

    I'd like to try those curries. And the salted egg is a favorite of mine too.

  18. There seems to be a lot of really unique and tasty treats here. It would definitely be a savory experience dining here.

  19. Those food look so appetising and delicious. Great menu for those who will be fasting soon.

  20. Okay so this made me hungry. Wait! I'm headin to the kitchen! hahaha The food looks delicious! Would love to have my own share of these food.

  21. The food looks amazing! I'd love to visit and give a try some day.

  22. the presentation of these are lovely! some of the dishes looks delicious