Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nichinan Jidoriya Japanese Restaurant

Dine at Nichinan Jidoriya Japanese Restaurant,
@ Mid Valley....

The decoration,
Got very Japanese feel...

 We ordered 2 types of mee soap..

And both tastes really yummy!!!

Don't ever order Japanese pizza..
It's so tiny portion,
And it tastes just like fried egg..
Totally not worth the money we're paying for..

It's still a very good dining out experience,
With the kids grandmother...
Coming all the way from Penang...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Aku Cafe & Gallery

Went to Aku Cafe & Gallery,
For an art session,
With KL Open Art...

The Cafe is nice....

 With some antique decoration...

A living room to read books,
Or newspapers....

The kids are a bit hungry,
After drawing....
We ordered sandwich...

Plus hot chocolate...

The food is nothing much to mention,
Absolutely normal taste...
But the environment is nice..

Yulex Yuen Restaurant

An unexpected family gathering,
With distance relatives,
All the way from Ireland....
In Yulex Yuen restaurant...

Love the crispiness of..
Fried Pork...

The claypot fish,
Is extremely fresh,
And it tasted so sweet!~

My relative bring along...
Big bottle of wine....

The dessert is luxury,
Herbal Bird nest in coconut...
It tasted a bit weird,
With the combination of Chinese Herbs, Bird Nest plus coconut..
I still manage to finish the whole coconut bird nest!~

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sim Mei Seafood & Steamboat Restaurant

The kids longing for...
A steamboat meal...
We decided to try out 
Sim Mei Seafood & Steamboat Restaurant...
Located in Taman Mutiara Barat, Cheras.....

We ordered 2 pax of ingredients....
And this is what we get...

Manage to finish all minus the mee...
Not to say super delicious,
But it does fulfilled the kids' tastebud....

My girl want mee soup...
And we order one wet kuay teow..
It doesn't look very appetizing,
But the taste is actually ok..

The fried fish cake looks not that tempting, too!~
But it actually taste ok as well...

Not to say very yummy,
But we did finish our meal,
With satisfying full tummy!~

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Every tea has a story,
In The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf,
Desa Park City...

Having our morning tea station,
Before blending our very own version of tea!~

My kids call this doughnut without sugar...
With cream inside...

I love the sharp colour
Of the yellow and blue cupcake...
With the footprint of blue tiger!~

The food are decorated,
With lots of cute bees...

And surprisingly,
The bees actually did produce honey!
Sweet sweet honey!~

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Great Scott® Calorie Light Challenge - My Fried Chicken's Recipe

The Great Scott® Calorie Light Challenge:-
Challenged accepted.... 
And here I am...
To prepare fried chicken,
With reduced calorie intake by 25%!!!

My first experience,
With brand-new Scott® Calorie Light,
A first-of-its-kind kitchen towel,
Designed for superior oil absorbency,
And proven to reduce calorie intake!~
Anyone could enjoy yummy dishes,
Without worrying about calorie issue!~

First step:
Marinate chicken,
With Soy sauce, Oyster sauce and kunyit.

Since I marinated the chicken,
The night before I fried it,
It closed it with air tight plastic warp,
And put it back to the fridge,
To ensure it's freshness.

You can always choose to marinate it,
For around 1 hour or so.
Overnight-marination makes,
The chicken will taste better.

I mixed starch powder, fried chicken powder,
And a little bit of five-spices powder (Wu-Xiang-Fen)

Here's the little secret,
For the crispiness of the fried chicken:
Egg white....

Take out the chicken,
Eliminate the kunyit,
Roll the chicken all over,
With the egg white...

Cover the chicken,
With the 'powder mixture'...

Wait until the oil is fully heated up..
Before put in the chicken piece by piece..
Take a look at the oil level...
After half-way of frying.....
And compare it with the next photo...

The oil is definitely absorbed by the chicken....
Love to eat fried chicken,
That is cooked with conventional way...
But dislike the oily feeling?

Scott® Calorie Light is definitely a great solution!~

Take a look at how much oil is absorb,
By this magical premium towel....

Grateful right?
The oil and calorie won't be consumed by our tummy,
But absorbed by this little kitchen towel,
Before we eat the delicious food!~

Let's enjoy healthy-balanced-burger-meal,
After our fried chicken....

With Scott® Calorie Light,
We can enjoy great food,
Minus the calories,
In the simplest way!~

Friday, July 4, 2014

Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Highly recommended dish:
Thai Fish with Okra and Onions....
In Yuen Seafood Restaurant, Yulex

The fish is very big..
And they cooked it in two different ways...
Another way of tasting the fresh fish,
Soy-sauced fishy~

Steam chicken with ginger...
The chicken is a bit hard..
We still prefer the fish!
As it is super yummy!~

Tau Fu with meatball..
The taufu is so soft;
The meatball is so fluffy!~
Nice nice nice!!

Vegetables with bilis...
The crispiness of ikan bilis,
Is the perfect combination with the green vegetables!