Friday, September 25, 2015

DKing Vegetarian Musang King Durian Mooncake

For durian lovers...
Highly recommended...
DKing Vegetarian Musang King Durian Mooncake...

It's individually wrapped...
With Styrofoam box
And ice packed...
To retain its coldness....

With no preservatives...
No artificial flavoring added....

It's truly a great choice!~
To have a bite of this vegetarian mooncake....
During this festive mooncake celebration...

I know we have to keep in freezer,
Until we are ready to consume it..
But I prefer to eat it a bit soft....

Having the aroma of durian..
Melted slowly in my mouth..
Is truly a taste from heaven..
So yummy!~

DKing Vegetarian snow skin musang king durian mooncake,
Is sold in sets of 8 x 63g mooncakes...
At promotional price of RM98 per set...

Delivery is free,
If 2 or more sets are purchased.

To order,
Kindly whatapp 012-664 8797
With the following format

Or email:

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Website :
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Friday, September 18, 2015

DKing Durian Mooncake

D'king Vegetarian 
Snow Skin 
Musang King 
Durian Mooncake

Review coming up soon!

Last order 25 September 2015
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Monday, September 14, 2015

Sakae Sushi New Menu

Sakae Sushi's New Menu:

Sakae Salad - RM13.99
A special Sakae creation..
Refreshing and enticing interpretation,
Combining fresh air-flown salmon,
Seasoned jellyfish, crabstick,
Japanese omelette,
And assorted vegetables..
Served in a choice of,
Either wafu or goma dressing...

I not only fall in love with the presentation,
But also the combination of the refreshing salad!~

Sashimi Mori Zen (5 kinds) - RM30.99
Set sail on a journey of sashimi perfection,
With an assortment of..
Mouth-watering fresh air-flown Norewegian salmon,
Yellowtail, tuna, butterfish and octopus....

An ideal plate,
For Sashimi-lovers!~

Fuku Set - RM28.99
A platter of favourite sushi combination -
Salmon sushi,
Cheesy tamago sushi,
Kani fumu sushi,
Soft shell crab maki,
Futo maki,
Kani edamame inari,
Chuka mekabu gunkan...

Which is your top favourite,
Among the sushi combination?
Very hard to choose....
I love it ALL!!!

Salmon Cheese Roll - RM16.99
Delectable rools with salmon,
Crabstick, Japanese omelette,
& Japanese cucumber topped off,
With cheese and spicy mayo..

Cheese and spicy mayo,
Is a perfect combination....
With the salmon......
The best taste ever!!~
No doubt,
Sakae Sushi,
Is the best Japanese Cuisine,
In Malaysia!~

Sumo Roll - RM15.99
Mouth-watering sushi rolls,
Layered with sea eel and mango,
As well as a luscious topping of,
Avocado and salmon roe...

This is my very top favourite,
Among all the new menu's items....
I love the feeling of....
The mango and avocado..
Melted together with the sea eel and salmon roe...
Right inside my tongue!~
Simply yummiest among yummilicious!

Spider Roll - RM11.99
A delectable take,
On the traditional maki -
Cucumber-wrapped crispy soft shell crab,
And flying fish roe,
Drizzled with mayonnaise...

The crispiness of the crab,
Is not ordinarily crispy...
It's a very outstanding roll!~
Perfect combination with cucumber!

Smoked Kamo Maki - RM11.99
Irresistable fried sushi rolls,
With Japanese cucumber,
And seaweed,
Topped with succulent smoked duck...

Don't underestimate the power of...
The little tip of mayonnaise above,
It actually completes the whole taste of this sushi!~

Itoyoridai Katsu Nanban - RM13.99
Breaded threadfin bream deep fried,
To a golden brown crisp,
Anc complemented,
With the flavourful Nanban Sauce...

You really got to try the Nanban sauce...
It's really uniquely nice!

Hotate Mentaiyaki (2pcs) - RM10.99
Succulent half shell scallops,
Grilled with cod fish roe...

I personally like,
The colourful presentation of this dish..
It tasted as 'colourful' as the presentation!~

Hotate Nanban Yaki (2pcs) - RM10.99
Succulent half shell scallops,
Grilled with Nanban sauce..

I have special preference,
With Nanban sauce...
Can't help but to like this one....

Unatama Mini Donburi - RM19.99
Melth in your mouth premium river eel,
Topped with Japanese omelette,
Served on a bed of soft, warm rice...

I always think that,
Japanese rice is shinier,
And taste a lot more better...
Added value,
When it's served together,
With our all-time favourite unagi!~

Gyoza Ramen - RM17.99
Dumplings, spinach,
Japanese fish cake,
And egg served with ramen,
In piping hot chicken soup based...

My little princess favourite..
She's always a super fan of Ramen...

Sakae Kid's Meal - Fire Engine - RM14.99
Chicken terriyaki served with rice,
Mini ebi tempura,
Smiley potato fries,
Takoyaki & assorted vegetables.
Served with complimentary juice...

Terriyaki is my little prince's favourite...
And this is his must-order...
Every time we dine in Sakae Sushi...

Sakae Kid's Meal - Aeroplane...
The tempting presentation,
Really increase the appetite of kids...
Yummy to the maximum!

Mr. Babycino (Citrus) - RM8,99
A sweet and cute looking "Froggie"
Concoction of citrus flavoured frothed milk,
Topped with marshmallow....

I think Mr Babycino is super duper cute!!!!!~
Kids definitely can't resist his cuteness..
Even adults can't help but to take a sip of this cute drink!~

Karinto Manjyu & Ice Cream - RM11.99
Irresistible combination of sweet golden brown sugar bun,
Filled with red bean paste,
Perfectly paired with a scoop of matcha ice-cream..

I think they're perfect 'couple' dessert!~
Aren't they?

Warabi Mochi - RM6.99
A unique translucent,
Mochi textured dessert,
That is soft and chewy,
To the palate,
With a tinge of sweetness...

The taste is really unique to me!~

Good news!
From 1 Sep till 31 Oct 2015,
There will be Awesome RM8 deals,
To look forward to...
Enjoy new menu items,
At a very special introductory price,
As 18 selected dishes,
From the new menu,
Will be offered at RM8 each!!!

The excitement doesn't stop here!
Throughout the entire campaign period,
Surprise Awesome Flash Deals,
Awaits as Sakae Sushi will unveil awesome deals,
On Sakae Sushi Malaysia Facebook Page...

It's definately an exciting time,
To be a Sakae fan...
Stay tune...
For the awesome celebration!!!!!


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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ratatouille La Gourmet

Ratatouille La Gourmet,
Located in Solaris Dutamas...

A great place,
To hang around with your friends...

Or if you're looking for,
Fine dining experience,
With extra family bonding moment...

This will be just the best restaurant,
You could ever choose to dine in...

Our appetizer,
Half Dozen of Escargot (RM29)
Shelled French Snails,
Baked with Aromatic Garlic Butter...
The Aroma of the garlic,
And the smell of the butter,
Fits perfectly into the little french snails...
Awesome luxury dining!~

A dish especially cooked,
By the chef,
Just for us......

Special thanks to...
Chef Brian Soon...

Mushroom Soup (RM13)
Extra creamy and yummy,
Compared to the other mushroom soup,
I'd ever tried before...
It also comes with sliced mushrooms....

Very appetizing Salad...
Caesar Salad (RM20)
Tossed with Sheredded cheese,
Croutons and eggs....

To make the salad looks more tempting,
You may ops to add ons...
Grilled chicken salad at RM8;
Or Smoke Salmon at RM15...

Grilled Scallops (U.S.),
Selling at RM35...
Served with Asparagus Cream Sauce...
You'll never wanna miss,
A taste of the asparagus sauce...
It's so tasty!~

My personal favourite:
The Baked Potato Skin (RM15)
This is one very addictive dish...
I'd love to go back and have more of it...

Cabonara (RM25)...
Spaghetti with creamy white sauce...
Flavoured with Bacon and Parmesan...
If you like the creamy taste,
Melted in your mouth,
This would be a great choice!~

Roasted Rosemary Chicken (RM35),
Is poultry main dish,
Under chef's recommendation...
It's oven roasted chicken thigh,
With herbs and homemade gravy...
The chicken taste so nice,
With the special sauce!

Roast Herb Coated Lamb Rack (RM95)
Over roasted to perfection,
Served with Ratatouille,
Brocolli and Potato...

This is my top favourite,
Among all the main dishes...

One of the chef's recommendations:
Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon (RM45)
It's crushed tomato vinaigrette,
Or pumpkin sauce,
Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables...
The salmon taste so sweet and fresh,
Added to the yummi-ness of the dish!~

Highlight of main dish:
Prime US Black Angus Ribeye (RM128)...
Juicy and tender ribeye,
Grilled to perfection!

What's Black Angus?
Angus is a Scottish Breed of Cattle,
That is known as one of the best beef,
In the whole wide world..
Bringing the Angus to USA for breeding,
Turned out to be the best decision.
Due to the environment,
Feeding and progress,
It is discovered to have better texture,
Marbling and flavour...

This particular grad of beef,
Is certified by USDA...
- US Black Angus.
It is categorized by
Prime, Choice & Select.
Prime is equivalent,
Marbling score of 4-6,
Choice has a score of 3-4,
While Select score 2-3.

At Ratatouille La Gourmet,
We're tasting the best Prime,
With a marbling score of 4-6!

Our sweet treats aka. desserts:
Lava Cake (RM15)
The best I'd ever tasted so far....
My little prince finish the whole lava cake!
Even after a filling meal!~
It's extremely delicious,
With a little added salty taste to the sweetness!~
Special and unique!~

For reservation or more info,
Kindly hop over to
Ratatouille La Gourmet's Facebook Page,
Or visit their website,

Ratatouille La Gourmet
Open daily,
From 11am - 11pm

Unit A4-G1-08
Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

73, Jalan Adda 3/1,
Taman Adda Heights,
81100 Johor Bahru..

Tel: +6011-2020 2800