Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Munchy's Lexus Sandwich - That New Perfect Balance

Munchy's Lexus Sandwich,
Topped with Himalayan Salt,
For that perfect satisfaction of
Sweet-savoury combination...
That new perfect balance...

Recent food trends have seen,
The increasing popularity of creating delicacies,
That combine flavours not traditionally mixed together,
To create new taste profiles...

Munchy's LEXUS rose to the challenge,
Of creating products merges sweet and savoury..
That perfect balance gives something pleasantly tasty...

Sweet and creamy on the inside,
Crunchy and salty on the outside...
The taste journey shall starts with a tasty chocolate biscuit,
Topped with a dash of Himalayan salt..

Biting through the crunchiness of the biscuit,
Reveals a smooth creamy filing of chocolate or vanilla flavour,
Giving a burst of sweetness...

The carefully crafted recipe balances out the sweetness of each biscuit,
Pleasing different taste bud...

Munchy's LEXUS sandwich,
In Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Cream,
Are available in 190gm packs,
Containing 10 convenient sachets...
They are sold at major hypermarkets, supermarkets,
And retail outlets nationwide....

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