Friday, May 30, 2014

Delicious @Sunway Pyramid

Dine at Delicious,
In Sunway Pyramid...

The crispiness is simply irresistible!~
All the food we ordered,
Tastes like it's restaurant's name

Nasi Kerabu....
The snacks are really crispy...
The aroma of the rice is truly yummy!~
The drumstick is simply spicy yet DELICIOUS!~

Toasted ham and cheese,
With french fries...
Simple dish like sandwich,
Also can be amazingly DELICIOUS!!!

Mama's beef bolognese....
I didn't eat beef,
But it looks tempting and DELICIOUS!~

It's really a pleasure,
Having a delicious meal,

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nando @Mahkota Cheras

Very big and cosy Nando,
At Mahkota Cheras..
The environment is really nice...

Burger meal,
Plus side dish of rice and vegetables...

Double drumstick,
With fruits and french fries....
Simply love the aroma of the chicken!~

Quarter chicken - Lemon and herbs,
With corn and wedges...
The corn are a bit burnt,
But surprisingly tastes ok..

Our favourite mushroom soup!~

Call us not so brave,
But the kids not really fancy spicy food...
Lemon and herbs are just nice for us..

Friday, May 16, 2014

Putrajaya Marriott - Summer Palace

Dined in Summer Palace,

Deluxe Five Happiness Combination...
Presented in Pineapple boat...
The food is a lot and huge in size...
It's really yummy, too!~

Double-boiled Chicken Soup,
With Baby Abalone and Fish Maw..
The soup taste really sweet....
With all the nutrition in the soup...
Yummy to the maximum!~

The dish I love most...
Deep-Fried 'Ming-Prawn'
With Wasabi Mayo!~
Very unique taste..
Yet it is super duper delicious!!!~
Must try!

Wonderful experience,
Dining @ Summer Palace...
The place is comfy,
The service is superb,
The food is nice!
Thumbs up!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Teaffani - The Garden's Theatre

Went to Dutch Lady S.E.A.N.U.T.S forum...
@ The Garden's Theatre....
Love the venue very much!~
Nice and cosy and comfy!!

Tea and coffee breakie!~
From Teffani...

Enjoying a sip of....
Baby Butter Cake,
With Lemon Butter Icing....

Yummy French Fruit Tarts..

Ham and Vege Sandwiches...

Just the great breakfast for me..