Tuesday, September 21, 2021

OMG, Munchy’s turns 30!

photo provided by Munchy's

For the past 30 years,
Munchy’s has been spreading goodness with its signature crunch.
Offering yummy, healthy biscuits made for everyone in the family, 
Malaysia’s No.1^ biscuit brand has created many happy moments that connect people together.
This year, Munchy’s is set to celebrate its 30th anniversary 
With even more moments of happiness! 
With the theme of Oh Munchy’s Goodness (OMG), 
Munchy’s is marking this joyful occasion with a Scan, Play & Win contest 
To reward loyal fans with exciting prizes!
During the pandemic, 
People have found creative ideas to keep their spirits high while staying at home, 
And one of the most popular ways is to introduce snack time as a routine 
That brings everyone together. Based on State of Snacking*, 
A study on 2020 global consumer snacking trends, 
77% of respondents said that snacking has enabled bonding. 
56% of parents also shared that snack time is when the family or household comes together.
Munchy’s has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1991. 
Equipped with a second-hand wafer machine, 
Two brothers from Batu Pahat started a small biscuit factory. 
30 years later, 
Munchy’s currently offers a wide variety of delicious treats, 
Putting a crunch in your mouth and a smile on your face. 
Its key product ranges include Munchy’s Cream Crackers, 
LEXUS Cream Sandwich, Oat Krunch, Muzic Wafer, and Choc-O Cookies.
Rodney Wong, CEO of Munchy’s Malaysia, 
Explained the significance behind the company’s 30th anniversary celebration: 
“Whenever we are excited, we often say “OMG”. 
To share our excitement this year, 
We have chosen a play on the “OMG” expression, 
But in our case, it stands for “Oh Munchy’s Goodness”! 
Indeed, you can find goodness in every Munchy’s product, 
Made with love and care from our biscuit experts in Batu Pahat, 
Using the highest-quality ingredients and following the most stringent hygiene standards. 
It doesn’t matter which Munchy’s biscuit you like the most – 
We always ensure you experience the same satisfying crunch, 
Followed by the creamy, yummy taste you love.”
 “As the saying goes, “sharing is caring”, 
And by spreading the goodness of Munchy’s, 
We are positive that everyone can also get the “OMG” feeling with every bite! 
That’s why I’m proud to share that Munchy’s products are available 
Not just in most retail outlets locally, 
But are also found in more than 50 countries globally,” continued Wong.
To celebrate Munchy’s 30th anniversary, 
Don’t miss the OMG (Oh Munchy’s Goodness) Scan, Play & Win contest! 
You might be one of the lucky 30 winners to score a Nintendo Switch!
How to join:
1)      Log on to www.munchys30.com
2)      Register via your Facebook and start playing!
3)      Collect as many points as possible by catching the biscuits that come down the production line during game-play.
4)     The more you play and the higher you score, the higher your chance of winning!
The Scan, Play & Win contest runs from 1st September to 31st October 2021, 
With 30 units of Nintendo Switch to be won. Winners will be announced weekly.
Munchy’s products are available at major hypermarkets, supermarkets 
And stores in Malaysia and 50 countries. 
You can also shop online via Munchy’s official stores on Lazada or Shopee.
For more information, 
Please visit Munchy’s official website at http://www.munchys.com 
Or follow Munchy’s on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/munchys.my/

*State of Snacking™ 2020 report is an annual global snack trends study examining the role of snacking in the lives of consumers around the world. 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Our experience with PROVITAL Immuna Plus

PROVITAL Immuna Plus,
Healthy glass of nutritious milk
To start our day with breakfast.
2 glasses a day for Triple Immunity Protection.
Triple Immunity Protection from yeast beta-glucan,
Selenium, and vitamin C.
It's so easy to prepare with great solubility in water..
The taste are so yummy, the flavour are so delicious...

Not all beta-glucans are the same. 
Yeast beta-glucan enhances the immune system 
By activating immune cells to destroy pathogens. 

9 out 10 adults on yeast beta-glucan reported 
Having no colds or sore throat symptoms after 12 weeks of consuming it. 
Me and my parents are one of them~~~
Hip hip Hurray!

PROVITAL Immuna Plus is the only brand contains this master ingredient. 
from enhancing immunity, 
It is also an all-in-one formula that contains high calcium and protein 
To support mobility and muscle strength.

Our immunity declines as we age, 
With up to 30% of our immune cells declining by the age of 75. 

Ageing does not mean that you are getting weaker. 
With PROVITAL Immuna Plus, 
Can activate immune system and confidently live your life to the fullest 
By continuing to be bold to do the things I want to do.

With strong immunity, age is just a number!

Have you ever wondered how strong is your immunity
Especially during these pandemic period?

Come and check out what is your immunity score

I have checked my immunity status, how about you?

Even after getting fully vaccinated,
Continuing to support your immune health is truly crucial....
Not a satisfactory immunity score?
Try the NEW nutritious milk PROVITAL Immuna Plus,
The brand with yeast beta-glucan
That supports immunity and may assist with symptoms of colds.
PROVITAL Immuna Plus contains yeast beta-glucan,
Selenium, and vitamin C which gives Triple Immunity Protection.
Even you had a satisfactory immunity score,
Provital can help to boost up immunity too!

Besides our own health,
It is truly important to ensure our parents are taking the right nutrition
To boost their immunity too.
Save the best for our love ones...


Friday, September 10, 2021

Vits Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara

Vits Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara,
A combination of Mi Goreng inspired by the classic Italian menu..
Made from cheese, chicken ham, butter, chilli flakes and cream,
Adding the aura of Italian of Italian cuisine...
It tastes just as good as being in Italy...
Best of all,
Vits Italian Carbonara Fried Noodles,
Is free of preservatives and artificial colours...

Vits Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara,
The latest menu of Vits Italian Mi Goreng Balognese 
And Vits Italian Mi Goreng Aglio Olio..
The preparation is so easy and simple.
Boil water and add in the noodle,
Dry up and add in the ingredients..

The taste of classic cuisine satisfying my taste bud.

Can be found in all major supermarkets in Malaysia
And also in Shopee

Latest Merdeka promotion..
Buy and scan and send to win prizes..
For more information,

Thursday, September 9, 2021

ecoBrown’s introduces PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink, a ‘whole’ new way of wholesome living

Photo provided by ecoBrown

ecoBrown’s has recently launched a brand new product range - ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink which comes in three delicious flavour variants, Cereal PLUS (Original), Cocoa PLUS & Coffee PLUS. This first-of-its-kind in Malaysia cereal drink is packed with the goodness of unpolished brown, red and black rice, bringing the best of the fields to families all over Malaysia!

With many Malaysians slowly adopting healthier diets to live a more balanced and wholesome life, the ecoBrown's PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink has been created to encourage and inspire them to follow through with this lifestyle by promoting health and overall well-being. With this in mind and in conjunction with the launch of the new product range, ecoBrown’s PLUS has also launched its #BeWholeWithecoBrowns campaign to champion a wholesome and well-balanced lifestyle.

“It can be challenging trying to juggle an active life, a fulfilling career, and quality relationships. Which is why when we created the ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink, we prioritised three key pillars of a wholesome life - family, bonding and an active lifestyle. Furthermore, with the convenience and nutritional benefits of ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink, we are  one step closer to achieving the well-balanced life we deserve, anytime anywhere,” said Zishi Low, General Manager, Serba Wangi. 

The ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink incorporates a mixture of high quality, unpolished brown, red and black rice with a unique natural flavor and smooth taste. It is a perfect source of Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 and is also trans fat free so Malaysians can now enjoy a healthy yet tasty drink without guilt. Packed with vitamins and minerals, ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink is certainly a convenient, healthier and tasty alternative, making it the better beverage choice for you and your family.

The brand new ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown RIce Drink is now available at all supermarkets 

and convenience stores nationwide at only RRP13.50 or shop on shop.ecobrown.com to enjoy an exclusive 20% discount when using the promo code ECOPLUS20. ecoBrown’s PLUS Series is also available on Shopee and Lazada. To learn more about the PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink, do  follow ecoBrown’s on Facebook and Instagram.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Celebrate #MYCadburyFlavours with the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut

photo provided by Cadbury Dairy Milk

Seri Muka, Ketayap and Onde-Onde…these classic kuih-muihs share flavours that are synonymous with the nation’s identity - Pandan Coconut. As a tribute to the familiar tastes that shape our nation’s identity, Cadbury Dairy Milk is excited to introduce their latest innovation, Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut which blends the brand’s signature smooth milk chocolate with fragrant pandan and dried coconut bits. With this new flavour, the brand also aims to evoke the attribute of generosity amongst Malaysians to support local kuih vendors who have been adversely impacted by the current pandemic through an initiative themed #MYCadburyFlavours
Made with Malaysians in mind, Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut is the third limited edition localised variant from Cadbury Malaysia since 2018, following the well-received Cadbury Dairy Milk Kopi C and Cadbury Dairy Milk Durian in previous years. The iconic local heritage flavour of aromatic pandan and sweet coconut remains another timeless flavour that has been fondly enjoyed by Malaysians through generations.

In celebration of Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut and the flavours of Malaysia, Cadbury Malaysia is giving back to the community that was part of the local flavour inspiration by putting their businesses on the map through the hashtag #MyCadburyFlavours. With the collective effort of Malaysians through the hashtag, Cadbury Malaysia will be creating a digital presence for selected vendors by promoting their businesses through paid adverts on social media. 

The pandemic has caused many small-scale local businesses to struggle to survive. In times like these, it's important that we continue to uphold our resilience as a nation and help one another. To achieve this, the brand hopes to give our local heritage heroes the recognition they deserve by raising awareness for them in order for them to sustain their businesses, and supporting their livelihoods through this campaign.

Join Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia in spotlighting our local kuih stalls. The Instagram-led campaign builds on Malaysian’s deep affinity towards food by welcoming individuals to share their favourite kuih stalls in a collaborative effort to curate an easily accessed feed that ultimately works to create awareness and support for our fellow Malaysian kuih sellers who keep flavours like Pandan Coconut alive. To be part of the movement, the steps to participate are simple*:

  1. Share your favourite local kuih stalls or vendors with the hashtag #MyCadburyFlavours and tag @Cadbury_MY

  2. Pin the location (where applicable) or include the name and location of the stall in your caption

  3. Alternatively, you could check out the feed via the hashtag and discover a new gem close to home.**

*Your participation in the CDM Merdeka Campaign signifies your consent to the usage of your pictures and captions for future marketing, advertising and promotional activities of the organizer without any compensation or notice whatsoever.

**Cadbury Dairy MIlk Malaysia actively encourages Malaysians to stay safe, exercise caution and adhere to local SOPs where applicable in effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

“For almost 50 years, Cadbury Dairy Milk has captured the hearts of Malaysia consumers through its variety of chocolate product flavours. We are overwhelmed by the continuous support of our Malaysian consumers and it is through exciting localised products like Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut that we showcase our appreciation and commemorate the brand’s long-standing presence here in Malaysia. As a brand that champions generosity, we are excited to launch not only a product but a campaign that goes beyond to spotlight our local kuih sellers who continue to preserve these classic flavours and we hope we can come together as a nation to continuously #SapotLokal and help our local business owners pull through this challenging time,” shared Arpan Sur, Head of Marketing for Mondelez International, Malaysia and Singapore.

Exclusively available from the month of August, Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut is available at major Hypermarkets and Supermarkets nationwide as well as e-commerce platforms, Shopee and Lazada, with a recommended selling price of:

  • RM 2.90 for 37g

  • RM 8.50 for 160g

Learn more about Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut and #MYCadburyFlavours by visiting the official website www.cadbury.com.my or stay connected via the brand’s Facebook (www.facebook.com/CadburyMalaysia) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/Cadbury_MY)

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

PURPLE CANE 34TH Anniversary Member Day Sale!

Tea lovers, are you ready? Purple Cane 34th Anniversary Member Day is finally here with up to 63% off tea leaves, teawares and more! In a blink of an eye, we have come full circle and without realizing Purple Cane has been establishing and spreading tea culture for 34 years. All this could never have happened if not for all our tea friends and tea business operators. Fans of Purple Cane Tea will be thrilled to know that we have planned 20 days of exciting tea promotions and giveaways specially to thank all our fans for supporting us all these years. The Purple Cane 34th Anniversary Member Day Sale will be happening from 13 July to 1 August 2021 simultaneously online via Purple Cane E-Shop (www.purplecane.my) and all Purple Cane Tea Art Centres nationwide.

In light of the pandemic which we are still battling, this year Purple Cane would like to advocate and emphasize on Live Life Green With Tea For Immunity Boosting. With exclusive once a year tea deals and offers up to 63% off, tea lovers rest assured and have the peace of mind to stay calm with relaxing tea fragrance, boost your immunity and maintain good health. For those who are unable to visit Purple Cane Tea Art Centres or prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes may join in this sale online! Purple Cane E-Shop offers similar deals at https://www.purplecane.my and FREE Shipping within West Malaysia with no minimum purchase until 1 August 2021.

 Purple Cane 34th Anniversary Member Day Sale Offers:

1. Super Value Puer Bundles up to 63% off

2. Tea Leaves & Teaware up to 34% off

3. Special Selected Purple Clay & Purple Cane House Brand Teapots for up to 35% off

4. Lin’s Ceramics Series, Cane’s Tea Bags & Nett Price Items up 20% off

Exclusive voucher giveaways total worth RM3MIL from their participating partners (TEAX, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Tea+, Signature Market, Youbeli, Cite, Love18, RT Pastry and more). Additional Purple Cane RM30 cash voucher with minimum spend of RM100 online or in stores. bit.ly/PC34Giveaways

Additionally, users who checkout with ShopeePay for their Purple Cane orders on www.purplecane.my will receive RM3 cashback daily with minimum spend of RM15. This offer is valid once per day per user. All bonus campaigns will be automatically terminated once fully redeemed. T&C Apply.

But wait! There’s more. Purple Cane has launched their new and upgraded Purple Cane Communi-tea Rewards that allows tea lovers like yourself to save more when you drink more tea. Register during this period for free and join the community to SAVE MORE as their Star Member or Gold Member. Additional perks on your birthday month, members only promotions and more. More details on Purple Cane Communi-tea Rewards: https://bit.ly/PurpleCaneMembership

** ***

Purple Cane Holdings Sdn.Bhd. (298681 V) established in 1987, with innovative spirit integ

Monday, July 12, 2021

AL-Lecca Sacha Inchi Oil

Harnessing the goodness of Sacha inchi oil,
A great supplement to support overall health..

Sacha Inchi nut oil,
Is extracted by pressing from the seeds,
And flesh o f the fruits of the Plukenetia Volubilis,
A plant native to area surrounding the Amazon River.

Sacha Inchi Oil is known to be
One of the richest sources of omega fatty acids in any plant..
Omega-3 in Sacha Inchi Oil
Is 17x of Salmon
And 5x of walnut..

Coupled with vitamins and anti-oxidants that it contain,
Sacha Inchi Oil is found to be very beneficial
For the heart, braind, skin and bone health..

It's suitable for vegetarian,
With natural plant extract..
Can prevent diseases
+ promote metabolism..

It tastes slightly earthy and the scent of limpid golden oil,
It is nourishment for the modern men and women, young and old..
In short...
It is benefit for everyone's health!

The benefits of consuming Sacha Inchi Oil:
- Reduces nasal allergies
- Improves Arthiritis
- Boost immune system,
- Improves Visioin
- Increase Fertility
- Prevents OSteoporosis
- Elleviates Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
- Lower Hypertension, High Blood, Sugar level and High Cholesterol.
- Improves Kidneys Functionality
- Promotes Healthy Skin
- Reduces Symptoms of Menopause
- Helps to Prevent Cancer
- Supports Brain development, Memory and Focus,
- Increase Metabolism, Fat Burns..

There are so many reason for anyone to consume Al-Lecca's Saca Inchi Oil,
The most amazing and drastic effectiveness I felt is,
It helps overcome my nose allergy problem!

A healthy outside starts from the inside… 😍
Interested to know more?
Feels like wanna try and buy the product?
Hop over to: