Monday, August 15, 2016

Am Sande Cafe @ Evolve Concept Mall

First time going to Evolve Concept Mall...
And dine in Am Sande Cafe...
To try out some German Stylo foodie....
Together with Open Rice!~

Very like the environment of the cafe..
It's cosy and comfy...

The staffs are very friendly...
And they straight away provides..
Kids set for us..
Without the need to request for it..
Thumbs up for their service...

My top favourite is...
Baked Salmon,
With Coloeslaw and french fries...

I really love..
How the aroma of the cheese...
Melted into the very fresh salmon...

RM24.90 is perfectly reasonable price...
As the Salmon is really big portion!~
They give very very generous of crispy fries as well!~

Meatloaf with Fried Egg,
Serving with French fries and coleslaw, as well..

Their mushroom sauce is really worth a thumb up!~
Blends perfectly well into the meatloaf...

Personally think one meatloaf,
Is enough to fill my stomach..
But they are generous enough to give two!~
Together with the fried egg...
I think it's really worth to order...

Ordered All-Day Set...
Of Roasted Half Chicken...

To be honest, 
The bbq sauce,
Is as yummy as 
The mushroom sauce...
Can't really tell which tastes better...

The set includes 2 side orders...
To be chosen from French Fries,
Chicken Rice, Coleslaw,
Mashed Potato and Potato Salad..

Since we what we ordered,
Already have colselaw and french fries,
We decided to try chicken rice and potato salad...

I'll have to tell you,
Even the side dishes also worth it all already..
The potato salad is so delicious!~
I'll call this MUST-TRY side dish!
With a taste of very tiny fried shrimp (Xia Mi),
Added the aroma of the chicken rice...

The set comes together,
With mushroom soup..
And drink of your choice..

Choosen ice lemon tea,
And added orange juice and coke...

A perfect dinner...
Super filling and very yummy!
Will be back for another meal....

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pullman KLCC's Tai Zi Heen's Mooncake

Mid-Autumn Splendour..
13 Aug - 15 Sept..
At Pullman KLCC's Tai Zi Heen...

Be prepared to blown away,
With the real savoury eats..
Hidden within treasure box..

Dig into each of these dense filling hidden gems..
And be amazed at how to upcycle treasure box..
Into a personalised container...

Perfect as reusable item,
To store jewelleries,
Knick-knacks and even dried-tree leaves...

This little treasure box,
Is simple yet presentable..
And will undoubtedly delight everyone..
At the very first sight..

Tantalising selection...
Of perennial favourites...
Like baked mooncake with single egg yolk..
In white lotus paste...

Baked mooncake,
With hazelnut in pandan paste...

Coconut lotus paste,
With single egg yolk...
Tastes equally as nice..

Baked mooncake,
With five variety nuts,
Rum and raisin..

Snow skin in Chocolate and whisky!~
Unique combination..

Green tea snow skin,
With red bean compote and paste..
I like this very much!~

Snow skin series,
With lotus paste,
Dried longan,
Dried winter melon..
And Osmanthus...

New gems in snow skin category!

Try this:
Premium oolong tea,
With white lotus paste and hazelnet..

I'm sure you gonna love it!

For further inquiries or purchase,
Call +603-2170 8888 extn. 8200
Or email


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