Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kenny Rogers Roasters Red Hot Meal for 2

Kenny Rogers Roaster (KRR)
Welcoming the New Year,
With healthy annual tradition,
The Roasters Eating Day (RED) Event!
From 10-12 January 2018

Also, present at RED,
Are the champions,
From all the 3 categories,
At the 2017 Asia Pacific Championship,
Malaysian Dodgeball Federation (MDF)
Who will also be playing at the 2018 Dodgeball World Cup,
In Madison Square Garden, New York.

 During the campaign period,
Guests are entitled to purchase,
A Red Hot Meal for 2 @ RM25
When they dine in KRR!

For every purchase of the Red Hot Meal for 2,
Guests will receive KRR's limited edition Ang Pow (6 pieces)
With discount vouchers.

Tune inton KRR's official Facebook page,
As 3,500 sets of Classic Choice Meal will be up for grabs.