Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fish & Co's Buffet

 Fish & Co Buffet,
Which we had...
During Main Place's Grand Opening..

I prefer the Mozito,
Over Candy Crush..
As that drink tasted,
So refreshingly nice!~

Our appetizer of the day:
Coleslaw & Field Green Salad...
It's a great start,
To dine with greenery food...
Before we have the main catch!~

Fried Calamari & Chicken Nuggets..
The chicken nuggets is suppose to be there...
But it's not served the time I snapped photo..
And I didn't re-snapped as it's a busy meal,
Handling 3 kids plus too many yummy food to dine...

The Calamari fish is so so so fresh!~
I can even taste the sweetness of the fish,
Even after it's fried!~

The chicken nuggets are my little baby prince's favourite,
He ate so many of them...

My hubby's favourite dish: 
Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken
The Peri-Peri sauce is just a great combination,
For the Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken..
Perfect couple of food!~

Grilled Salmon...
Nothing much special about this dish,
I guess too many great food,
Stole the lime of Grilled Salmon..

Didn't really fancy Pealla Rice,
But the chips tasted superb for me..
My children claimed that it's spicy,
But I love the little spice added in the chips!
Crunchy yummy!~

My two eldest's favourite..
Spaghetti Pomodoro,
As seen in Pirates' Treasures'
I guess it's ideal to have it in kids baits,
Since my kids love it so much!~

Fish & Co,
The Main Place,
Lot No. LG-13, Lower Ground Floor,
Jalan USJ 21/10,
Persiaran Kewajipan,
47630 Subang Jaya,
Opens from 11:30am until 10pm daily
W: http://www.fish-co.com.my

F: http://www.facebook.com/FishNCoMY
I: http://www.instagram.com/FishNCoMY

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fish & Co Signature Dishes & Kids' Baits Menu

Fish & Co's dishes...
At #MainPlaceBigCatch....

Since this is an honest review,
I won't be able to tell you the taste,
Since all these are just for display purpose only...

You'll need to wait for my next post,
On the Fish & Co Buffet..
For my taste review..
Suspend a bit first...

Signature Dishes:
Feast Platter...
It really looks tempting isn't it?

Seafood Platter for 1...
This is the one I'd order,
If I were to dine here...

The best Fish & Chips in town...

Kids' Baits Menu:
Selling at RM8.95 each

Captain Hook...

Pirates' Treasures...

Golden Coral...

Fish & Co,
The Main Place,
Lot No. LG-13, Lower Ground Floor,
Jalan USJ 21/10,
Persiaran Kewajipan,
47630 Subang Jaya,
Opens from 11:30am until 10pm daily

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Genting Behind The Scenes Tour - See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop

It's a great way to end,
Our Behind The Scenes Tour,
By having and hands on experience,
On how to decorate cupcakes,
As well as how to make sushi..

We started the interactive and enjoyable program,
By See-ing how the chef do,
Then we Do it ourselves...
The last part is all about filling our stomach - EAT!~

Cupcakes decoration,
By me and my little princess...

Chef is demonstration,
How to make Sushi...

Instead of rolling it the chef's way...
Little princess to make a hand roll...
And we finish up the whole sushi,
Before taking any photos!~

Either we're too hungry,
Or the sushi we made is too yummy!

Ice Age Adventure
Venue: GICC
Time: 10am-10pm
Price: RM20 nett per person

Behind The Scenes Tour:
Visitor Galleria
Genting International Showroom
First World's Hotel's Laundry
See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop
Meeting Place:
First World Theme Park Wristband Counter
OR Vision City Video Games Park, Genting Grand
Time: 2:15pm until 5pm
Price:  RM20 per person
Pre-booking via email themepark.info@rwgentingcom
Or call 03-61011118 Ext. 55678

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sydney's Nok Nok - Thai Eating House

We're dining in Darling Harbour.....
Eating Thai's food...
At Nok Nok Thai Eating House..

Seafood Green Curry,
The curry taste nice...
Kind of spicy~~~~~
Just nice for the adults,
But not for the kids...

Pineapple rice!~
Superbly yummy!~
It's a lot more bigger portion,
Than we imagine!~
Full full full!~

Fried noodles,
With lots and lots of bean sprout!~

Normal fried rice....
With a pinch of lemon juice..

Satay Rice...
The Satay is amazingly big..
And the sauce is heavenly delicious!~

My daughter's favourite..
She called it big kuay teow..
It's really nice, too!~

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ding Fung Steamboat

Dine in Ding Fung Steamboat,
Ordered double soup,
With the normal soup,
Plus tom yam soup...
The soup taste ok only...

What makes our steamboat meal nicer,
Is the sauce...
They're really fantastic!~

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Refreshment @Spotlight

Early Christmas meal...
With lovely decorations..
During Spotlight event...

It's snowing!~
The chocolate brownie cake,
Totally in the mood of Christmas...

Egg sandwich,
Decorated with
Beautiful red Christmas Ribbon..

Candies and macaroons..
Sweet and yummy!~

A spoonful of spaghetti,
Make a great snack of the day!~

Time to make a DIY card now..
Till then!~

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mad About Coco

Went Publika's Mad About Coco,
For Disney Channel's 
7D Premiere Screening..

 Wonderful yummy sandwiches...

 And nice cocktail sausages,
With cucumber and cherry tomatoes!~
Little princess love this so much!~

Delicious spaghetti,
To fill our empty stomach,
After watching the exciting 7D!~

Drinks and some chocolate desserts!~

The best part of all,
Is this chocolate drink..
It's so so so cocoly creamy nice!~
Now I know why the shop named:
Mad About Coco!~

I'm really mad about this cup of coco!~
After tasting a sip in the hot cup!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zespri Kiwifruit Food Art Workshop

Attended Zespri Kiwifruit:
Exclusive Food Art Demonstration,
With Samantha Lee!~

I comes out with sleepy white kitty,
Day dreaming of her fishy!~

While my little princess,
Have her brown kitty,
Eyeing for the fish fish!~

It's a wonderful food art workshop..
And it's really a pleasure meeting,
Samantha Lee in person!~

Monday, September 8, 2014

Legoland Asian Deli

We were too hungry,
After the Legoland Star Wars Miniland's media launch...
And we decided to dine,
In the nearest Asian Deli....

Chicken Curry Rice Set...
With soft drink + fruit

Nasi Lemak Set,
With soft drink + fruit,
At the same price!~

Topping up additional RM5,
For the combo meal,
We'll get a Legoland Fridge Magnet,
Plus Ice Lemon Tea in the bottle..
Pretty worth and we decided to take it!~

Time to eat!!!