Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sakae Sushi Fortune Salmon Yee Sang

Sakae Sushi,
Fortune Salmon Yee Sang..
Available from 19 Jan - 5 Mar 2015...

Success (1-2pax) at RM29.80
Money (6-8pax) at RM49.80'

Step 1:
Open up the Crispy pok chui,
And pour it into the yee sang...

Step 2:
Pour the sauce..

Step 3:
Ready to be served..

 Let's lou sang now!~

Very yummilicous Chawan Mushi,
By Sakae Sushi...

A bowl of miso soup...
For my thirst of soup..

Main course...
What I can tell you is...
Everything is so delicious~~~

Dine, Collect and redeem...
Lucky Bag Giveaway...
RM30 = 1 stamp
When you get 8 stamps,
Redeem your lucky bag worth RM88 for free!~
Stamp collection period: 8 Jan - 5 Mar 2015
Gift Redemption Period: 21 Jan - 8 Mar 2015

Hope you enjoy,
Your Chinese New Year Treats,
In Sakae Sushi,
As much as we did!~

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Genting Strawberry Cafe

Had strawberry sticks,
With chocolate!~
At Genting's Strawberry Park...

We bought 3 sticks,
At RM20...
Little Prince ate one stick,
Little Princess ate one stick..
Little Baby Prince looks like,
Cannot finish one stick with his pace..

I asked him...
May I ate one of his chocolate strawberry?
He answered me..
You don't know how to buy one more?

Ok then...
That means,
He can finish it eventually!~

They love the strawberry's table and chairs...
Cute and nice....

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flower Pot Ice Cream

I still think it's soil in the flower pot.....
Even after we'd eaten and tasted it....
Somewhere in Bishop Street, Penang...

What's the feeling of eating soil?
It taste really yummy!
Especially with the I-think-is-OREO-topping....

1 for RM6,
2 for RM10...
It's really worth a try!~

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Old Town White Coffee, Mall of Medini

Dine in Old Town White Coffee...
At Mall of Medini...
Iskandar Johor..
After a day in Legoland...

Chicken Rice...
Taste super yummy!~

But the dry curry kuey tiaw...
Not as good as expected...

The kids only manage to grab a bit of sausages..
Since they just had their milk of the day...

A wonderful delicious toast!~

Monday, January 5, 2015

Stick Art

Stick Art...
A unique ice-cream experience...

As we're shopping in IOI City Mall,
We're attracted by..
The creative appearance of the ice cream...
And decided to buy and try it out!~

Not only the appearance is attractive,
The taste is also superb!

Definitely worth a try!~