Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wake up With Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit

'Good Morning'
Greetings from...
Mr Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit...

We had a cheerful sweet start,
Full of sunshine,
With Zespri SunGold KiwiFruit...
Which has 10 times the nutrition of apples,
And 3 times the vitamin C of Oranges..

The power-packed fruit,
Is also beneficial for health conditions..
Such as diabetes,
As it has a low glycaemic index (GI):
A measurement carried out on foods,
And their impact on our blood sugar!~

My fruits butterfly...
Contained Zespri kiwifruit,
To contributes to good digestive health...

A cup of kiwi juice,
With its renowned mellow yellow flesh,
And luscious tropical-sweet flavour,
Makes it the perfect summertime refreshment!~

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit,
Have high Vitamin C content,
To help the body's uptake of iron....
It contains actinidin -
A unique enzyme,
That helps to improve digestion,
And relieve bloating from a heavy meal..
It also has pottasium,
That is essential for
Cell, tissues and organ functions..
And most of all..
It is deliciously juicy, refreshingly sweet!~

For your information,
Zespri is having a concourse roadshow,
At 1Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing Center Court)
From 10am to 10pm..
From now until 31 May!~
Hop over to 1U,
To experience more goodness of Zespri!~

Empire's Di Wei Signature Dish - Herbal Chicken in Rock Salt

As promised....
I'm going to introduce this amazing dish:
Herbal Chicken in Rock Salt...
It's one of Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Empire Hotel's Signature dishes...

First impression of the outlook...
It really looks like starfish on a bunch of sand...
It's pretty!~
I thought the 'star' really contribute to the flavour of the dish,
But it's just for decoration..

Can we open it up,
And just eat like this?
Well..... nope...
We need to pour a little chinese roast wine..
On the surface of the rock salt...
Let's baked and flambeed it now!~

Look at the flame...
Just look at the flame...
Seriously it's on Fire!~
Amazingly HOT!~

After burn,
The colour turn a little more brownish...

We use the 'hammer' to 'ketuk' it...
Sounds hard isn't it? 

It's about time....
For us to explore..
What's the treasure hidden inside...
When we opened up the wrapped foil..

Dang dang dang dang!~
The Herbal villange aka kampung chicken...
Marinated with dark soy sauce and herbs,
Deep fried.....

Add a little sauce,
To add the juiciness of the herbal chicken...
So that it's not too dry up...

Toppings added...
To improve the appearance,
As well as to add in some greenery and reddish,
To the only brownie-looking-herbal-chicken...

If you think the chicken is the treasure I mentioned,
You are partially right only....

Look at those treasures,
Hidden inside the tummy of the chicken..
Dry Scallops, mushrooms, black fungus and pork belly.....

Selling price: RM120 nett...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Food Review @ Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Empire Hotel

I'm gonna write about,
The best food review I'd attended so far!~
The environment is superbly luxury,
And the meal is simply just to delicious!~
I really dine like an emperor,
In Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant,
Empire Hotel...

Homemade Style Baked Spare Ribs
Spare rib marinated in a Chinese herbal soup overnight,
And marinated again the next day,
With red onion, honey, black soy sauce and spring onions.....
That explain well,
Why I still can taste the Chinese herbal and other ingredients,
Mixed perfectly,
In each and every bite,
As well as every inch of the spare ribs...
This is what we called with Chinese word: 入味!~

Rich in flavour,
But yet delicate enough,
To appreciate the spare ribs meat,
In this beautiful baked dish...

A perfect fusion food,
I really feels like eating western 'steak',
Inside Chinese restaurant...
Perfect combination,
That makes the Chinese culture,
Mixed just nice into the western one...

A bite will definitely not enough...
Selling at RM20.80 nett

Double Boiled Soup with Herbs and Black Chicken,
Selling at RM32.40nett.
Said to offer health benefit for the liver,
This double boiled soup,
Takes a total of 4 hours to prepare.
The ingredients -
Chinese herbs and black chicken,
Is double boiled to release,
All the natural flavours,
Into a piping hot pot of delicious broth....

Maybe I'm just a bit 'sua ku',
But I still have to admit,
This is the first time I'd ever seen,
And tasted a pinch of this Chinese herbal...

Fresh Tiger Prawn,
Braised with Milk and Pumpkin Cream Sauce..
Deep fried prawns covered in a rich,
Creamy pumpkin sauce flavoured,
With curry leaves and chili padi,
For that touch of heat.
This dish is served,
With deep fried Chinese bun,
To enjoy every bit of that delicious creamy sauce...

No doubt,
The Tiger Prawn is the main 'actor' in this dish...
But the fried man tou is enough to steal the lime light,
Of the main 'actor'...
Together with the creamy sauce...
I bet you really won't wanna waste any single droplet of that precious sauce...
It just taste too yummy!!!!!!!
I can't feel the chili padi though,
As I think it's really just for the gentle touch of heat..
But the aroma of curry leaves,
Really make the whole dish's tasted more outstanding!~
I'm truly impressed with the chef's ability,
To cook such a heavenly tasted food!~
I'm too lucky to be able to treat my tummy so good!!!

Highly recommended and it's just for RM64nett...
I can guarantee you that,
This dish really worth every single cent you're paying for...

The chef is caring enough,
To prepare this refreshing juice,
In a unique way of presentation!~
I like the presentation style very much!~

The colour of the juice,
Might not look so tempting...
But I can ensure you that,
This is the most refreshing drink that I'd ever drank!~
It tasted like a bit of greenery,
With a sourly taste..
It doesn't only help to clear the taste in our mouth,
It clears the slight oily feeling, too!~
Totally refreshing!~

Roasted Goose,
Marinated with Chinese herbs,
5 spice and roasted until golden brown and crispy...
Half goose - RM159nett
Whole goose - RM324.80 nett

Roasted Piglet...
Marinated with,
Chinese five spice, herbs, salt and bean sauce,
And roasted to perfection..

The size of the piglet is just nice...
Not too big not too small...

Half piglet - RM233 nett
Whole piglet - RM420 nett

Di Wei Signature fried rice...
The secret of this fried rice is in the sambal!~
Di Wei's signature fried rice,
Is made by frying rice,
With its own unique sambal.
Other ingredients include,
Fresh egg, pranws and sweet bean..
You'll really need to taste it,
To feel the uniqueness of this signature dish!~
Nothing can be describe in words...
Selling price: RM29nett

Having a cup of 'water'?
You really can't imagine,
How this 'water' taste like...
Until you take a little sip of it!~
Nope, it's definitely not water..

All the way from China,
Mei Kuei Lu Chiew...

I'd like to introduce,
Another Di Wei's signature dish:
Herbal Chicken in Rock Salt....
One whole post about one dish only..
In my next post...
If you're wondering what's so special about this dish,
Just stay tune for my next post!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Di Wei Restaurant - Empire's Dim Sum

It's been a while,
Since I last having a tea session,
With yummy dim sum....

Special thanks to:
Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Empire Hotel....
I had a great dim sum session...
In the luxury environment...

Siew Loong Pao,
Originated from Shanghai,
And made popular in Taiwan,
Siew Loong Pao is a must have,
At Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant.

Made with minced pork and spring onions,
With a touch of pork oil,
It is steamed and
Ready to gently pop in my mouth...
With a warm delicious pork flavour,
That Siew Loong Pa is famously known for..

Selling at RM.11.60 nett

Pan Fried Carrot Cake
White carrot, corn flour and dry shrimp,
Mashed, steamed, cu into squares,
And pan fried to golden brown perfection..

I like this dish,
Because it doesn't really taste oily...
And the taste is just...
No word able to describe,
Too yummy!~

Pan fried carrot cake,
Selling at RM9.30 nett

Bean Curd Roll,
3 shrimp wrapped with beancurd roll,
And deep fried to crispy perfection..

I love it,
When I dipped it into the mayonnaise,
And the crispiness of the bean curd,
Just mixed up truly perfectly,
Inside my mouth..

Bean Curd Roll,
Selling at RM11.60 nett

Deep fried salad prawn (RM9.30nett)...
Highly recommended by me!~
Salad prawns wrapped in dumpling skin,
Deep fried and topped with salad sauce..
The crispiness is simply awesome...

Deep fried sesame ball (RM9.30nett),
Deep fried glutinous rice ball,
Coated with black and white sesame.
Inside is a sweet paste,
Made from chestnut,
And gula melaka...
The description sounds sweet to you?
But it actually taste perfectly nice..

Steam shrimp dumpling with caviar (RM11.60nett),
Dumpling stuffed with shrimp,
And topped with caviar...

Let's dine like an emperor together,
And ops for another wonderful Dim Sum session,
At Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant,
Empire Hotel...

Friday, May 8, 2015

Prince Hotel's Eccucino 'Balik Kampung Fiesta'

 'Balik Kampung Fiesta'
At Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur.
Eccunino's Culinary team,
Cooks up authentic delights,
This fasting month!~

With different types of Kerabu...

Live Carving Station (Signature Station)
Nasi Mady Arab,
Bersama Kambing Panggang
Saffron Rice with Roasted Lamb..

Some of the main dishes:
Ayam Panggang Madu Berbijan
Roasted Chicken with Honey and Sesame

Ikan Siakap Goreng Acar Jambu
Deep Fried Sea Bass with Red Guava Salad..

Oxtail Asam Pedas
Oxtail cook with dry chilli and tamarind gravy..

Rendang Tok
Braised Beef with Local Spice

Satay Station:
Chicken and Beef Satay,
With Condiments...

Live Local Grilled Seafood,
Grilled Seafood with Air Asam,
Sambal Kicap, Cili Potong dengan Soya Sos...

Lemang & Ketupat Station...
Lemang, Lemang Pulut Hitam & Ketupat,
With Serunding & Sambal Ikan Bilis..

Live Noodle Station,
Laksa Utara & Laksa Johor Station,
With Condiments..

With different types of malay kuih,
Assorted dodol,
Tapai ubi & Tapai Pulut..
And many more!~

My favourite:
Salty egg!~

Chef William Teo & Chef Zulkefli,
Form Eccucino,
Demonstrating their cooking life...

Boiling and boiling...

Ta Da!
Nice presentation, isn't it?

"Balik Kampung Fiesta" Buffet,
Runs from 6:30pm to 9:30pm daily,
And it's priced at RM137.60 per adult,
50% for children aged 12 years and below,
And children aged below 6 years eat complimentary,
With every paying adult...
Sahur menus are served from 4:30am to 5:30 daily,
And is priced at Rm56 per addult.

For buffet reservation,
Call 03-21708888 extn. 8119
Or email
For the latest promotions!~

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge - Lovely NZ Secret Garden

I accepted New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge....
And starts to prepare the ingredients on what to cook....

My New Zealand's Hero Ingredients includes:
1st: Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter

2nd: Rockitapples:
The crunchiest apple I'd ever tasted!~

3rd: Pure South Lamb Loin,
By Alliance...
Farm Fresh to you!~
4th: Talley's Greenlipped Mussels...
In the half shell...

I applied some Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter,
On Tally's Greenlipped Mussels...
Added 2 pcs of red dates,
And 3 slices of ginger,
Then I steam it....
I cut Pure South Lamb Loin...
And only take the boneless part...

Marinated it with soy sauce, oyster sauce, 
Abalone sauce, five spices powder, starch powder...
For around 1/2 hour...

Put some Anchor Butter,
Into my hot pot...
And see the butter melt in the pot...

Put in the marinated lamb,
And start frying until it turns golden...

Wash and cut vegetables,
And boiled for just a little while...

Arrange the vegetables,
Into variety types of flowers...

My little princess,
Is quite satisfied with the flowery outcome..

Boiled quill egg,
And remove the shell..
Put into a mould...

Angelic rabbit,
Is carrying Rockitapple's Umbrella...

I cut the lamb into heart shape,
Cut a star shape Rockitapple (without the skin),
Put it on top of my 'Lovely Lamb Chop'
And make it the main flower in my garden...

The red Rockitapple's skin,
Became another lovely triangle-flowers,
In my Lovely NZ Secret Garden...

My little prince's idea,
To make the Greenshell Mussels,
As the wings of our special apple-bee...

The final outcome of...
Our Lovely NZ Secret Garden...