Monday, January 9, 2017


VDelight Vegetarian Restaurant,
Delightfully Healthy...
Located in Pavilion Elite....

I never tasted pumpkin soup..
That's so tasty before...
There's a touch of nuts inside the pumpkin...
So creamy and yummy!

Vegan braised Ramen
Inspired by special Taiwan noodle dish,
Served soaked in flavourful broth,
Filled with carrots, radish and hericium mushroom..

Hong Siew's soupy ramen!

Top favourite:
Durian Pizza,
If you're durian lover,
If you're cheese lover,
You're gonna love this...

Even non-durian lover can't resist,
But to try it!
So delicious!~

Having a meal with kids,
Always will look for and try out,
Their kiddos meal...

The portion is just nice...
Great serving for the kids..

Love the environment...
Comfy and cosy...

For more information,
Hop over to VDelight facebook,

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Malay Cuisine with Mahsuri by Chef Dato' Fazley Yaakob

Malay Cuisine,
Present by Chef Dato' Fazley Yaakob....
Whom understands Mahsuri's delicious value,
In every dish....

The fried drumstick,
Taste extra nice,
With the touch of chef's special sauce...

Mahsuri sauces,
Really added the wonderful taste,
Into the fried rice!~

Simply love the presentation,
Of this dish...

It's truly amazing how all the sauces,
Combines so well into the dish...


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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pappa Delivery

Pappa Delivery,
Food delivery service,
Made with love,
Delivered to my door....

Ordered my favourite meal,
In 4 simple steps:
Search - choose - delivery - pay...

The food menu offers,
Quite a number of choices of food...
From rice to noodles,
From snacks to toast...
Not forgetting drinks, too!~

I ordered:
Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken,
Chicken Glutinous Rice (Ipoh Style)
And Fried Dumpling (4 pieces)

And select when I want my food to arrived...

Don't forget to key in:
Promo Code:
To enjoy their launch promotion,
And enjoy free delivery + RM5 PappaRich Voucher,
When you order...

My food came...
Warm and nice...
In the estimated time frame....
Just nice to fill our hunger...

Our Nasi so lemak!~
Together with very crispy ikan bilis,
The skin of the chicken is super crispy, too!~

Loh Mai Kai....
Best to eat when it's still warm...
Wallop all without hestitate!~

Side dish:
Fried dumpling...
It's as crispy as the fried chicken...
Eating it together with vegetable accompaniment,
Is the best combination..

Want yummy food deliver to your doorstep?
Hop over to to choose your menu NOW!