Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lifetime® MasterChef Asia Casting

Lifetime® presents  MasterChef Asia!
15-episode series,
Featuring 3 judges,
With contestants selected,
From across Asia.

Amateur cooks,
Who aspire to be,
The first ever MasterChef Asia
Can submit their audition videos,
From now until 5 March!

Do you have what it takes,
To be the first ever Masterchef Asia?
Send in your audition videos,
For casting of MasterChef Asia Now!~
For your chance of a Lifetime!~

For more information..
Check out  youtube link or facebook page!

Send in your audition videos NOW!


MasterChef Asia is presented by
Singapore Tourism Board and Knorr,
In association with Panasonic
And Changi Airport Group.

Lifetime (Astro Ch 709)
Is the exclusive PayTV home
In Asia for MasterChef versions,
From Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

MasterChef is  represented  internationally
By Endemol  Shine  Grouup.
The show was originally revived
As MasterChef Goes Large in 2005
by Shine TV in the UK
And is based on a format,
Originally created by Franc Roddam.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Goh Swee Kee Restaurant, Penang

Dine in Goh Swee Kee Restaurant,
During our Penang trip...

Oyster is cooked,
With a bit spicy taste..

Simple steam fish dish..

Taufu with prawns...

 Mushroom + cabbages...

My favourite,
Fishball seaweed soup..

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Corona Del Mar - A Night In Spain

Was invited to,
A Night In Spain.

A cup of ice lemon tea
To accompany the menu of the day!~

Different kinds of Tapas are served:
Olives Marinadas,
Bread Basket...
Seafood Bisque Soup..
Inspired by Provencal Flavours..

As for main course,
We have Charred Grilled Moroccan Chicken,
Which is also Chef Recommendation.

And Paella De Marisco.
Spain's best known dish!~


Corona Del Mar
8, Jalan PJU 5/20,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-6151 0050

Monday, February 9, 2015

Eight Gourmets Gala - Auspicious Reunion Menu

8 Unique Dining Concepts,
Under one roof!~
- Caffeinees
- Hook & Cook
- Malt Berry Ape
- Yi
- Chiyo Sushi
- Hakka Crab
- Nibbles
- Confessions of Lady Laura

We're in Eight Gourmets Gala,
Trying out their Auspicious Reunion Menu..

What I can say is..
This is the biggest bowl of Yee Sang,
I'd ever 'lou'!~

Take a look at the salmon in the bowl,
So big portion, kan?!~

Chef Kenny,
Assisting us,
By pouring the sauces,
In adequate portions....
Before we starts using our chopsticks,
To lou sang!~

Each and every ingredients inside,
Is really super duper fresh!~
I even can taste the freshness and sweetness,
Of the ingredients,
Even they're mixed up,
After we 'lou' it!~

Coming up next,
The luxury Poon Choi...

I have to be honest to you,
That this is my first time eating Poon Choi..
It's truly very fun...
To explore the 'treasure' inside the pot
Layer by layer...
From the top layered of abalone,
To the bottom layered of vegetables..
Every food in the pot,
Fit my taste bud perfectly...

Highly recommended,
By a sua-ku-no-more...

It's truly a comfy and cosy,
Fine dining experience here!~

Poon Choi with Abalone,
Selling at RM258+

Half Portion Salmon Yee Sang,
Selling at RM68+
Full Portion Salmon Yee Sang,
Selling at RM98+


For more information,
Kindly visit

Eight Gourmets Gala (EGG)
Suite G-01, Ground Floor,
Pinnacle Annexe,
Persiaran Lagoon,
Bandar Sunway,
47500 Selangor.

Business Hours:
Open daily 11am-11pm

For reservation purposes,
Kindly Contact:
017-948 8684
Or email

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eight Gourmets Gala (EGG) Valentine's Set

It's really true that...
If you're together,
With your love ones...
Everyday is Valentine's Day!~

But this year Valentine's Day,
Is extra special...
As this year marks,
Our 10th years of marriage...

It's even more extra special...
Invited us...
To try out their Valentine's Set......

What a great fine dining experience,
To celebrate our 10th years of marriage!~

Let's talk about the yummilicous food now...
Our Valentine's Set...
Started with Entree,
Consisting Seafood Platter...

What I can ensure you,
After tasting mouthful of food,
Presented by EGG....
Each and every ingredients,
Are really super duper fresh!~

After Entree,
We have the choice of,
Either mushroom soup...

Or Onion soup...

If you asked for my opinion,
I won't be able to choose a better one...
Both of it..
It's equivalently delicious!~
Creamy and extra yummy!~

Introducing one of the main course:
Braised lamb shank,
With cheesy mashed potato...

I love the way they braised the lamb...
I love how the cheesy mashed potato,
Melted inside my mouth!~

Another main course to choose from:
Seared Tuna,
With Poached Scallop & Shrimp!~

By just taking a glimpse of the presentation of the food...
Making me wanting to put it in my mouth straight away!~
Trust me!~
The taste is just as nice as the appearance!~

With beautiful heart shaped tiramisu...
A great way to 'plant' the sweetness,
Of the food as well as the relationship with your valentine's...
One spoon for me,
One spoon for you...
How romantic!~

And yes!
The set comes together with beverages, too!~
You may drink Fresh Orange Juice,
Or Iced Lemon Tea..
Coffee or Tea...

Eight Gourmets Gala's Valentine's Set,
Is selling at RM118+ per pax..
On 14th February 2015...


For more information,
Kindly visit

Eight Gourmets Gala (EGG)
Suite G-01, Ground Floor,
Pinnacle Annexe,
Persiaran Lagoon,
Bandar Sunway,
47500 Selangor.

Business Hours:
Open daily 11am-11pm

For reservation purposes,
Kindly Contact:
017-948 8684
Or email

La Maison Restaurant @ Silka Maytower - Bubbling Prosperity Steamboat

I was invited to....
Dine in La Maison Restaurant,
At Silka Maytower, Kuala Lumpur...

Having their Lunar Feast:
Bubbling Prosperity Steamboat...
Dating with my little prince...

I kind of love the way,
They present the ingredients,
Of the steamboat...
As much as I like the environment,
Of the restaurant itself...
A really comfy and cosy place,
To eat bubbling steamboat!~

Usher in the auspicious Lunar New Year,
With wide selection of fresh seafood, meats,
Vegetables and many more,
With choice of chicken or Tom Yum broth...

Little prince's prefer chicken soup,
Since he's not really into spicy;
I love their tom yum...
Tasted a bit sweet initially,
But that's the unique part of their tom yum soup...
Sweet and yummy!~
Both broth fit perfectly with the ingredients provided!~

Choice of sauces are available..
I tried it all...
The sauces taste nice,
But I personally prefer,
To eat it just without the sauces..
Just a habit of mine...

Little prince's having slight cough...
And they're caring enough...
To offer him a cup of warm honey lemon:
Manually adding in,
As much honey or lemon,
Of his choice!~
He's enjoying himself....
Deciding how many lemon should he put in..

I had a cup of orange juice instead..
With fresh oranges!~

Guess what?
We are served with,
These crunchy and crispy Keropok,
While waiting for our steamboat,
To be bubbling-cooked!~

I'm truly impressed,
By the kind of great service,
The restaurant is providing to us!~
Thumbs up!!!

A meal won't be complete without dessert...
Here goes our vanilla-chocolatey dessert:
Ice cream!
I better put it in my mouth,
Before it starts melting!~


Bubbling Prosperity Steamboat
28 January to 28 February
6.30pm onwards
RM23++ per person,
With complimentary Iced Lemon Tea and Ice Cream

For every eight paying adults, the ninth dines for free

For more information or to make a reservation, please call +603 2692 9298 or visit