Monday, June 21, 2021

Tiger Biscuit Partners With 99 Speedmart To Empower Teach For Malaysia Educators In Today’s New Normal

Tiger announced a partnership with 99 Speedmart, 
To raise funds for Teach For Malaysia (TFM), 
An independent, non-profit organisation on a mission 
To enable access to education for students in need. 
TFM is committed to deliver an educational approach 
That would empower students to be leaders of their own learning, 
Their future and the future of the nation.
“In these unprecedented times, 
COVID-19 has challenged the conventional learning format 
Due to prolonged school closures in Malaysia. 
From attending physical classes with face masks, 
To shifting towards online lessons, 
The students have to adapt to the new normal of e-learning. 
Acknowledging the challenges of virtual learning, 
We hope to support TFM in the upskilling and training of their educators, 
As they navigate the ways to engage and teach in the new norm,” 
Said Arpan Sur, Head of Marketing, Malaysia and Singapore, Mondelēz International.
From 1 June 2021 until 31 July 2021, 
For every purchase of Tiger Midpack 159.6g/175g, 
Tiger Multipack 411.6g or Tiger Marie 249.7g 
At any 99 Speedmart outlets in Peninsular Malaysia, 
Mondelēz International (Malaysia) will channel RM0.15 per pack to TFM.
“Every child has a right to quality education and our goal is 
To mobilise the educators to uplift our nation through education. 
This initiative by Tiger and 99 Speedmart will give us a boost in our funding, 
As we work to ensure that our Fellows are equipped with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge,” 
Said Chan Soon Seng, CEO, Teach For Malaysia (TFM).
TFM hopes to serve as a bridge to help students 
Overcome the physical, mental, and emotional disconnect that they have been experiencing. 
Through this partnership, both Tiger and 99 Speedmart 
Aim to raise funds up to RM50,000 that will contribute 
Towards the teaching and learning for students in B40 communities.
Through this campaign, 
99 Speedmart would like to give back to the community 
And hope to see more brands stepping forward to make a change in society. 
This partnership with Tiger is a true reflection that a little bit of help goes a long way.

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