Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe

I always love the design....
@ Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe......

It always make me feels cosy and comfortable,
Even the moment before I step into the cafe!~

Lots of greenery.....
With luxury feelings!~

Having my first spoon of pumpkin soup!~
My little baby prince love it so much!~

Ice Lemon Tea......
Just nice to drink,
Not too sour!~
My mum love this so much!~

Fried Rice with Black Pepper Chicken....
My little princess eat all the chicken...
Quite surprisingly that she eat it with black pepper,
As normally she'll be complaining 'spicy' about black pepper,
But not this round...
Guess it's too delicious that she forgot about 'spicy'!~

My little prince love spaghetti!~
He basically eat all the prawns...
And drink a lot of water while eating this!~
It's quite spicy for him as he doesn't really eat spicy stuff...
But I think the taste is just nice for me.....
I'm pretty surprise,
He, too, same like my little girl:
Spiciness doesn't stop him from eating the dish, too!~
I finish up what he didn't finish,
Because he said he want to eat the next coming up tomato pasta!~

He order this Tomato pasta!~
And he ate almost half the plate,
Even after eating the seafood spaghetti!~
Really superb!~
As he's really a very picky eater!~
And the plate is quite huge portion!~

Oh ya!
Almost forgot to mention,
They did eat chocolate ice cream,
And they finish it up,
Before I even have the chance
To snap a photo of the ice cream...
You can imagine how yummy it is!~ Hahahaa~

Guess I need to bring them to dine more,
In Garden, Sunway Pyramid...
As they enjoy every single dish here....

UNO® Refreshments

Had this wonderful colourful UNO® cupcakes...
While seeing 404 young and bright Malaysians,
Compete for the 'Numero UNO®' Title!~

Superb tea time..
Love their food presentation...
Simple and nice....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fortune Dim Sum @ Sri Petaling

The Gai Wo Bao,
Is suppose to be the speciality dim sum,
For Fortune Dim Sum @ Sri Petaling...

When we ordered the food,
It is served particularly, 
Not cooked and it's still cold inside...
Didn't really fancy this dish though...

Chee Cheong fun here,
Is my top favourite....
The fried onion added aroma,
To the chee cheong fun....
Plus the chilli taste really nice, too!~
Yum Yum!~
Har kow served....
Nothing so special about this dim sum.....
But it tastes not that bad though...

We wanted to order fried loh bah kou,
Minus the chilli,
But they don't really have,
Non-spicy for this dim sum...
No choice,
Only the adults are eating,
But not the kids,
As they're not really into spicy food....

 More dim sum...

They're giving us a lot of mayonese,
For fried dim sum!~
I really like to eat those,
With lots of mayonese....
Unlike some restaurant,
They really limit us on our mayonese intake.. haha~
The little leong crab is superb!~
Taste so delicious!~
Would love to have more...

One thing I don't like,
About this Fortune Dim Sum,
@ Sri Petaling,
Is their service...
The staffs looks very busy,
Even the table seated are not full...
When we request for something,
Our request was never fulfilled,
During the first request..
And we need to urge them again....
Lots of room for improvement,
For their service!~

Ming Xuan Dim Sum @ Mahkota Cheras

Dine in Ming Xuan Dim Sum Restaurant,
@ Mahkota Cheras,
One fine morning,
In the weekend......

My favourite chee cheong fun!~
I love their spicy chilli!~
Not too spicy,
Just nice....
With very lovely aroma....
Mix just nice with their chee cheong fun!~

Loh Bah Kou!~
Personally think it's a bit too soft,
But my kids love it...

I love their wu kok!~
The crispy yam tastes so delicious,
With the mixture of the meat inside!~

Their egg tart is not bad, too!

Thought my kids will love,
The broccoli fish ball..
But nobody likes it, too bad!~

 Siu Mai is a must-order...

This is our all-time fried dim sum favourite.....
Dipping in the mayonese....
The prawn dumpling taste superb!~

More dim sum to go!~
To fill our stomach,
Until full full!!!

Skip our lunch,
During that day..
As all of us feels too full!~

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers' Day Cake @ Sweetly

 Bought our Mothers' Day Cake..
@ Sweetly Cake House,
Kuchai Lama...

Didn't really plan,
To bought it,
In which particular cake house...
Just pass by and go in to buy!~

Marble cheese cake...
+ two fresh strawberries on the top!~

It tastes really nice.....
The kids love it,
I love it..
And most importantly,
My mum loves it!~

Happy Mothers' Day, Mummy!~

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ben's General Food Store @ Publika

My Mother's Day Celebration.....
Dine out @ Ben's General Food Store,
In Publika, Solaris Dutamas..........

Special thanks to my hubby,
For the wonderful meal treats.......

Oreo Milkshake!~
Very very nice drink,
With aroma of oreo!!!~~~~~

When start drinking the first sip...
Can't stop drinking....
Until the last drop!~
Cheezy pizza!~
The green leaves taste like mint leaves to me...
Although the little one didn't eat the green leave,
But it definitely added aroma to the cheezy pizza!~
Yummy yummy in our tummy!~

We can add sauce of our choices.....
Or 'oil' of our choices...
Or even pepper and salt,
Into our food!~

Any portion,
As we wish to add!~

Sausage platter:
We order the combination of:
2x Herbs chicken,
Spicy chicken,
Cheesy chicken...
Accompanied by side dishes of
French fries + salad...

Perfect meal for everyone!~

The BBQ sausage taste extremely yummy!~
We can just eat it on its own!~
Fingers' licking good!

The best part of all is...
They provide complimentary sky juice!~

Never get thirsty while dining here!~

Monday, May 13, 2013

Citarasa Seafood Market Steamboat

@Citarasa Seafood Market Steamboat.....
In NSK, Kuchai Lama....

 Lots of varieties of seafood,
To choose from....

And different type of fishes, too!~

Currently having promotion:
1 set as shown in graphic @RM6.90++
We ordered 2 sets....

+ little additional food!~

Place order in the counter,
And tell them which table you're in........
They'll deliver the food,
To your table....
And start your steamboat cooking!~

Our selection of soup: Yuen Yong.....
Chicken soup + Tom Yam!~

 Ordered tea as refreshment!~

Love to add the different sauces,
Added aroma to the food!~
Yummy steamboat!!!

Very satisfying steamboat meal!
Love it very much!~
Will go again, for sure!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Haji Shariff Cendol @ Seremban

It's so refreshing,
Eating cooling cendol...
During hot hot afternoon.......

We wanted to order cendol pulut, kacang & campur...
Cendol jagung is the only one choice left...

The shop actually did sell,
Rojak and mee goreng...
But everything is sold out..
By the time we reached...

It's not very late afternoon...
I guess it's too delicious,
Until it all sold out!~
My kids enjoying....
To see how they made the cendol...
You can see the whole process,
And it's clean!~

 Implement self-service here...
As the crowds wanting to eat is really a lot!~
This shop is very very famous in Seremban!~

Very big cup of Air Batu Campur (ABC)
With kacang, jelly, beans, corns, cendol and many ingredients inside...
It tastes really super yummy!~
Adding pinky red syrup and probably sarsi,
On top of the ice,
Makes the ABC taste even more delicious!~

Thumbs up!~
For the cendol & ABC,
In Haji Shariff Cendol!~
Yummmm yummmm yummmmy!~

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Buffet @ The Gardens Hotel

During CMPA's Awareness Program Forum,
We're served with wonderful buffet,
@ The Gardens Hotel & Residences...

Yummy fried rice,
With a lot of little ikan bilis!~
Crispy ikan bilis,
Added the delicious-ness of the fried rice!~

Like this Taufu dishes as well.....

I love their soup the most!~~~~~~
It's warm,
It's tastes just too nice!~
Not to forget,
Some desserts served.....
Besides sweet fruits~~~~~~

There are also assorted colourful cakes to choose from!~
Wonderful dining experience during the event!~

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Komugi Cream Puff

Went Mid Valley.......
And buy this little Komugi Cream Puff!~

Upon ordering,
The baker only put the cream,
From the fridge,
Into the puff!~

It taste extremely yummy!
Love it so much!~