Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ming Xuan Dim Sum @ Mahkota Cheras

Dine in Ming Xuan Dim Sum Restaurant,
@ Mahkota Cheras,
One fine morning,
In the weekend......

My favourite chee cheong fun!~
I love their spicy chilli!~
Not too spicy,
Just nice....
With very lovely aroma....
Mix just nice with their chee cheong fun!~

Loh Bah Kou!~
Personally think it's a bit too soft,
But my kids love it...

I love their wu kok!~
The crispy yam tastes so delicious,
With the mixture of the meat inside!~

Their egg tart is not bad, too!

Thought my kids will love,
The broccoli fish ball..
But nobody likes it, too bad!~

 Siu Mai is a must-order...

This is our all-time fried dim sum favourite.....
Dipping in the mayonese....
The prawn dumpling taste superb!~

More dim sum to go!~
To fill our stomach,
Until full full!!!

Skip our lunch,
During that day..
As all of us feels too full!~