Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sea Animals + Chicky Family

Another fun meals for me!~
ABC Pasta + Sea Animals + Chicky Family!
How wonderful!

Mummy boiled the ABC pasta,
Next she cooked the white sauce...
Mummy purposely don't add in the sauce,
As from her previous experience,
I always like plain pasta...
She just prepare the sauce,
In case I like it...
After I try one spoon with the sauce,
I prefer my plain ABC pasta!

Is my collection of Sea Animals Hotdog!
Can you spot fishy, Penguins, crab and octopus?

Introducing lovely chicky family!~
I love baby chick chick the most!!!
Keep on tell mummy:
Egg egg, chick chick!~

Mummy transfer all my food,
To my plastic bowl...
She plans to let me self-feed today!
And get ready to clean up the mess!

My complete yummy meal!

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cute Bread!

Using the same tools,
Mummy prepared cute bread for me...

As I like to eat the bread plain,
Without any jam,
Without any sauce...
Mummy feed me bread bread,
Together with my favourite strawberries!

I'm able to finish off,
One slice of gardenia white bread,
One and a half slice of gardenia full wheat bread...
Plus a quater cup of milo,
And also a few strawberries!~
My yummy breaksfast!

Originated from 'Little Prince'


Mummy added something,
Tasted strange in my porridge.....

She said it's Marmite....
Weird taste~~~~~~~
But acceptable, anyhow.....

Originated from 'Little Princess'

Corn Porridge

After blending all the ingredients,
Mummy start cooking my porridge using clay pot...
No more using normal pot or slow cooker now...
Taste yummier with clay pot!

My super top favourite porridge:
Corn Corn porridge!~

Having great appetite recently!
I can eat really a lot!
Yum yum yum!~

Originated from 'Little Princess'

Smash Potato

I love smash potato,
When mummy prepare it,
For the first day...
Just like kor kor...

When mummy cooked again...
I don't really like it...
Such a drastic change...

I think I prefer more new taste,
More new food.......

Originated from 'Little Princess'


After starting solid,
My milk consumption reduced,
From 7oz to 6oz...
Sometimes even only drink 5oz...
Mummy's wondering why,
I'm suppose to maintain my milk amount,
Even if I started solid.....
I seems prefer solid than milk now......

Without wasting the remaining milk,
After half and hour of my nen nen time,
Adding some nestle cereal.....
I eat again...

More meal time for me...

Originated from 'Little Princess'

Solid Food

I show symptoms on,
Interested to eat solid......

And daddy bought me this heinz meal...

I started to chew,
I started to swallow...

It taste really yummy!!!

Mummy said she'll start introduce,
More and more food for me......

I enjoy my eating time!~

Originated from 'Little Princess'

More Milk Milk!

Oh yes!
I'm still sucking mummy's nen nen...
Her milk is definately not enough for me.....

My little bottle is not enough,
To cater my need, too!

I'm changing to bigger bottle,
Drinking more and more milk!~

Originated from 'Little Princess'