Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sea Animals + Chicky Family

Another fun meals for me!~
ABC Pasta + Sea Animals + Chicky Family!
How wonderful!

Mummy boiled the ABC pasta,
Next she cooked the white sauce...
Mummy purposely don't add in the sauce,
As from her previous experience,
I always like plain pasta...
She just prepare the sauce,
In case I like it...
After I try one spoon with the sauce,
I prefer my plain ABC pasta!

Is my collection of Sea Animals Hotdog!
Can you spot fishy, Penguins, crab and octopus?

Introducing lovely chicky family!~
I love baby chick chick the most!!!
Keep on tell mummy:
Egg egg, chick chick!~

Mummy transfer all my food,
To my plastic bowl...
She plans to let me self-feed today!
And get ready to clean up the mess!

My complete yummy meal!

Originated from 'Little Prince'