Monday, August 10, 2015

Resort Seafood Steamboat

This is the very first time,
We dine in Resort Seafood Steamboat...

Was attracted by the white crab..
In the mini aquarium...
They looked magnificent, isn't it?

The environment is really comfortable,
The cooling weather in Genting,
Is just nice....
For steamboat!~

We tried and love all the variety of sauces....
It's truly amazing with the choices of sauces they're offering...

Lots of variety of ingredients...

With King's noodles....
Feast like a king!~

The herbal soup is fantastic!~
I'd never tried any steamboat,
With the soup as nice as this!~

We really enjoyed,
The superb meal,
After a superb show!~

Sourly tasted Ice blended,
Melted well in our tummy!~
So mouth-watering!~

Set for 8 persons,
With these big portion of ingredients....
Is priced at RM456 for members,
And RM502 for non-members..

The set include:
Tom yam soup or chicken herbal soup
Shiitake mushroom
Enokitake mushroom
Chimaji mushroom
King Oyster mushroom
Fatt Choi Fish ball
Fu Chew Fish ball
Fried vegetable ball
Bean Curb Roll
Grass Prawns
Ostrich meat
Chicken Supreme Slices
Pacific Clams
Grouper Slices
Poh Choy
White Bean Curb
And King's Noodles...

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  1. baru malam tadi makan steambot, i balon udang udang hahaha

  2. looks so yummy food to eat, haven't dine this place yet. Missing to go holiday now.

  3. I went there and serious nice place for dinner. I kind of like this place though ..serve good food too.

  4. I really love to had steamboat at Genting. Cold environment with hot pot soup. Yummy...

  5. Looks so yummy! And a hot bowl of steamboat up in Genting on a chilly weather, I'd say, perfect! Definitely your food will taste much nicer hehe.

  6. Wow, fresh seafood - my favourite! What an awesome time you had! I can tell just by looking at your photos.

  7. First time I see white crab... pretty... and yes, it would be an amazing idea having piping hot steamboat to warm us up in Genting....

  8. Steamboat memang the best especially when you have it with family and friends.
    Eat all you can.
    Thanks for letting me know of the place.

  9. Heard a lot about this restaurant recently. This will be a must visit restaurant for me in my next trip : ) Your photos of the steamboat and sour ice blended drink so tempting for me! : P

  10. Yummy steamboat...Christmas time want hang out with friend and steamboat at this place. Thank you for sharing

  11. Wow the food look so delicious ya dear! Gonna try it especially the crab ☺☺☺

  12. Ostrich meat! That's new for steamboat. Never had it with steamboat before.

  13. steamboat in genting, hot pot in cold weather, the perfect indulgence. Best taken with family :)

  14. still thinking of this place right? the place that many magical experiences happened, laughter and joy

  15. Where is this place ya? Wanna hunt for it :p

  16. Love the steamboat and it is perfect for a cold or rainy weather.