Sunday, April 21, 2024

Tempting Malaysians’ Tastebuds with newest Nestlé’s Plant-Based Goodness


More and more Malaysians today are discovering they have options when it comes to nourishing beverages that go beyond dairy. In a move to cater to evolving dietary preferences, Nestlé GOODNES is showing how its plant-protein beverages are hitting just the right spot with its delicious offerings.
Introduced recently by Nestlé Malaysia as part of its commitment to make more affordable plant-based food and beverages readily available to all Malaysians, the Halal-certified and vegan-friendly Nestlé GOODNES range ticks all the boxes for a delicious tasting plant-protein beverage. Harnessing the health benefits of almonds and oats, the Nestlé GOODNES beverages are lactose free, making them ideal for the increasingly flexitarian diets of consumers.
Mr. Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, said, “Plant-protein based beverages are giving health-conscious consumers and those with dietary constraints a wonderful alternative to dairy milk, particularly when they are also appealing to the palate. We have been steadily expanding our offerings with the needs of Malaysians in mind, and with Nestlé GOODNES, people have more choices at their fingertips. What’s more, proper nutrition is vital for Muslims who are fasting during Ramadan, with plant protein-based beverages and food providing more variety and balance in meals.”  

The range comes in two velvety smooth flavours - Dairy-Free Oat and Dairy-Free Almond & Oat, made in Malaysia with oats and almonds. At the heart of Nestlé GOODNES is its natural sweetness derived from hydrolysed oats, without any added sugars (sucrose). This unique formulation is packed with the wholesome goodness of micronutrients like calcium and vitamin D which aids in the development of strong bones, and vitamins B2 and B3, to help with energy release from the food we eat.
Versatile and modestly-priced, Nestlé GOODNES can be easily incorporated into our daily lives to meet different needs. One can enjoy its delicious taste on its own, added to hot or cold beverages and cereals, and even used in cooking and baking.
Nestlé’s selection of Halal dairy-free offerings also include MILO Dairy-Free and NESCAFÉ Dairy-Free versions for those who enjoy the original beverages but prefer plant-protein based options.
“With Nestlé GOODNES and our other plant-protein based beverages, Malaysians can get the best of both worlds sip by sip, as we help consumers make mindful decisions that reflect their lifestyles and environmental consciousness,” added Mr Aranols.
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