Monday, February 21, 2011

Burger Meal!

It's refreshing and appetizing,
To see a smiling face,
On my breakfast......

The burger meal:
Nutritious wholewheat bread...
With carrot and cucumber,
Cut as little little face...
Plus my favourite cherry tomato!~

Mummy boiled mushroom soup for me, too!
But I'm not really into mushroom soupy.....
Never mind...
Daddy is mushroom-soup-lover,
He's going to finish all my mushroom soup...

Enjoying my burger meal meal...
Yum Yum Yum...

Boiled Egg!

Our new 'toys'...

Fishy and vroom vroom car's egg mould...

Mummy boiled the egg for 20 minutes,
Peel off the eggie skin,
And put the whole egg inside these mould...
Covered it and put inside cool water for 10 minutes...
Here it is: The Fish and The Car!~

I ate the whole car egg...
Mummy said I can't eat too much...
The fishy egg give to my ah gu gu eat...

Spiderman Macaroni!

Mummy found new food to cook for me..
Spiderman Macaroni!~

I'm so excited!!!
Can I be as strong as spiderman?
After I finish my meal?

Added cheese,
With lots of calcium...
And my favourite ikan bilis!~

Simply yummy!~
Always ask for more,
After finish my spider-meal!~

Lots of Love!

Baked cheezy bread...
With lots of love sausages...

My lovely breakfast!~
Yum Yum...

Row Your Boat!

I was suppose to,
Use the animals fork pick,
To eat the hot dog......

I arranged the picks,
As shown in the photo,
And tell mummy:

Me: Mummy, see!~
Mummy: See what? dear...
Me: Row, Row, Row your boat!~

The rabbit, the bear,
The dog and the cat,
Riding on my hot dog boat!~

Not only my mummy,
Can create nice food...
I can, too!~

Eggie Breakfast

My eggie breakfast.........

I prefer star eggie,
More than the love shape.......

Eggs really taste more yummy,
With different shapes!~

3D Car

Since I love mummy's 3D bread cup so much,
Mummy understand simple bread,
Could taste more yummy,
With 3D shapes for me!~
She start cracking her head,
After I request her,
To make 3D Vroom Vroom Car for me...

Carrots as the car's front light,
My favourite cherry tomatoes as tyres,
Spaghetti stripes to connect the tyres...
Mummy used this to make my lollipops, too!~
The idea of using spaghetti stripes for bentos,
Comes from shopping mum...
And also,
Not forgetting the very main part of my car,
Made by bread bread!~

I can play it... Vroom Vroom....
I can fix and repair it... When the 'spare parts' falls apart...
And most importantly,
I can eat it! Yummy!!!!!!~~~~


Looks like lollipops, right?
It tasted not sweet at all!~

My super duper favourite:
Cherry Tomatoes!
Now transform into lollipops!~


Bread Cup

Requested by Aunty Julie,
To show a step-by-step on how to make this cup bread...

Been busy with many things...

Cut the bread in 3 different shapes,
1 oval and 2 rectangular shapes (1 big 1 small),
As shown in the photo above...

Apply some sticky jam (I use kaya),
Around the little oval shape,
As the base of the cup...
Take the big rectangular bread,
And put it on top of the oval as shown...

At the end of the big rectangular shape,
Apply some kaya and stick it up...

Take the long tiny rectangular shape,
And apply little bit kaya on the end of it,
And stick it on the 'bread cup'...

I noticed it looks nicer,
By using plain bread,
Instead of wholewheat bread...
Since I eats plain + wholewheat bread...
Mummy still make the bread cup,
With both type of bread....

Here it is...
The final result:
The cutie yummy bread cup!~

Secret Recipe

If you still remember,
Mummy prepared this ABC pasta,
With sea animals and chicky family

The most wonderful part is,
I'm involved in the preparation of the food, too!~
I spent good quality time together with mummy,
Learning new skills of 'cooking' my own food.........

Guess what!~
Our 'secret recipe'
Was published in 'Feng Cai' magazine!~
On 20-01-2010 Page D10!

What a special bonus we get....

Farm Toast

I eat plain bread,
I eat plain biscuit,
I eat cheese,
I eat butter,
I eat peanut butter,
But I don't eat butter with bread,
But I don't eat biscuit with peanut butter,
I don't eat bread with cheese filling either...

Mummy prepare toast for me...
No filling,
But the butter melted inside the bread...
It actually tastes yummy!~

With the theme of,
Old McDonald's Farm.......
A special butter egg toast!~

Since I don't like any extra thingy with bread,
Mummy didn't decorate the face details this time...
Only cut it in special shape...

Early in the morning,
I'm eating Old Mcdonald's farm house,
And his vroom-vroom's car,
Together with the miaow-miaow cat,
And also wroof-wroof doggie,
And little rabbit with long long ears,
Not forgetting,
The moo-moo cow also!~
Plus my favourite cherry tomatoes,
And greenish grape grape!~
For my healthy delicious breakfast....

The fun part is,
We can sing Old Mcdonald's farm songs,
While eating the cutie toast!!!

Animals Hams

Mummy cut ham into many cute animals' shape,
And steam it for me to eat...
A simple ham meal!~

She added face details to the ham,
To make it more alike~~~~~~~
Guess how I eat my meal...
I ate all the animals' ears...
And 'reserve' the other parts for mummy~~~
Looks like too much of ham for one meal...

Me: mama, eat!~

Mummy use the remaining part of the ham,
Which she cut for the mickey,
To decorate my noodle's soup...
Looks weird,
But I finish the whole bowl!~