Thursday, August 28, 2014

Intercontinental Hotel

Attended Pigeon's panel discussion 
In Intercontinental Hotel...

Had yummy satays,
With nice satays sauce...

 Simple snacks..

 Plus pau!~

This is my top favourite..
I called it:
Juicy fruits satay!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Legoland King's Grill

Spot this cute Lego Chef,
At The Cafe...
But we didn't dine here....
Since we're still full...
And just entering Legoland...
We want to check out and explore so many places..

After an adventure in Lego Kingdom,
We're really hungry.....
And straightaway dine in King's Grill...

The chicken grill tasted fantastic...
Probably because the food is really great,
Or we're really too hungry!~

Fish and chip..
The fish is fresh and sweet....
With yummy mayonnaise...

Ordered some finger food...
But surprisingly,
Everything comes with fries...

Nuggets with fries, too!
End up having too many of french fries...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Aqua Cafe @ Sea Life Sydney

Right before we enter,
Sydney Sea Life Aquarium...
We took a light snack,
In Aqua Cafe....

We bought 3 cute cupcakes,
With cute sea creatures on top of it...
Yummy icing, yummy cake!~

Friday, August 8, 2014

SeaLife Aqua Snacks

SeaLife Aquarium,
Is bigger than we expected..
And we're too hungry to walk elsewhere,
To look for places to dine for our lunch..
We had some Aqua Snacks,
As lunch of our day...

Looking at the portion,
It's not really consider as 'snack' to me...
We all had a full lunch here..

The fillet burger we ordered,
Comes together with fries and drink..
And the size is doubled up,
What we can have in Malaysia..

Fish and Chips,
And of course,

This is really what we call 'snack'...
Nuggets and french fries...

I guess we're all super duper hungry,
And we wallop everything in our tummy!~
What worth mention is,
Their sauce and mayonnaise taste really nice!~

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Da Wan Lai The Poets @ Top Ryde

Our very first meal in Australia,
Dinner in Da Wan Lai 'The Poets'
@ Top Ryde.....

We ordered dumpling as appetizer,
Since the kids are really hungry...

Thumbs up!~
For the crispiness of this dish,
The sauce is really superb, too!~

Fried glass noodles...
We love the taste of the special noodles!~

Cantonese style mee...
Simply delicious!~

Steam fish..
Fresh fish always taste sweet and yummy!~

Very big prawn...
I guess it's local king prawn?
Fried together with assorted vegetables..
Yummy yummy!~

Very full and satisfying meal!~

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Guylian @ Darling Quarter

Visited Guylian @ Darling Quarter,
After the kids's playground outings..

Yeah.. We know..
It's World's famous Belgium's Chocolate,
Not World's famous Sydney's Chocolate...
We're still tempting to get one..
During our Australia trip..

Choosing birthday cake,
For little princess...

Macaroons looks super attactive to the kids,
With the colourful range of cutie Macaroons..

 Lots of choices of tarts, too!~

Little princess chosen her birthday cake,
And a reddish macaroons...

Both tastes super yummy!

Guang Li Fishball

Having breakfast,
At Guang Li Fishball Liang Toufu Restaurant,
In Taman Connaught, Cheras...
Certified yummy by Ho Chak!~

Big and fluffy fish ball,
With kuey tiaw soap...

Crispy stuff to bite on....
Is my little prince's favourite!~

Fish cake...
Extremely yummy!~

Wan tan mee in dark sauce,
Without wan tan but lots of fishball..

Yu piao is really nice, too!~
What is it call in english?
Can't recall...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Gilly's Cafe

Had a little 'soup' break,
In Gilly's Cafe...
At our tea time...

Herbal green mee,
Is yummy!~
Not much of artificial flavorings,
But I love the taste of it!~

Mushroom soup..
Tastes just nice,
For a good afternoon soup break!~