Monday, October 16, 2017

LaZior Mayterlynn

Lazior Mayterlynn,
With high nutrients value of purple sweet potato...

It consists of:
Purple sweet potato powder,
Black glutionous rice,
Black eyed pea, soluble fiber,
Brown Rice, black bean, pearl barley,
Inulin, black seseme, red bean,
Wheat, apple fibre,
Oat bran, green bean, sorghum rice,
Flaxseed oil powder, oat flakes,
Soy bean, buckwheat, Stevia extract..

It provides us with nutrients we need daily...
To reduce the risk of:
Stroke, diabetes, inflammatory diseases,
Colon cancers, asthma, & heart diseases...

It also promote healthy blood pressure levels,
Maintain a healthy weight,
Reduce gum disease and prevent tooth loss,
Relieve constipation,
Maintain healthy arteries.
Rich in fibers,
keep sense of satiety,
Keep blood sugar balance,
And prevent blood sugar soaring...

The very most important is...
It tastes so yummy!
I drink this,
Every morning now...

High nutrients value of..
Purple sweet potato:
Anthocyanin -
Antioxidant, free radical scavenging,
Skin anti-aging for improve skin texture..

Cellulose -
Promote gastrointestinal motility,
Help digestion

Vitamins -
Lose weight,
Enrich blood

Selenium -
Repair heart muscles,
Strengthen the function of immune system

Amino Acids -
Enhance physical fitness,
Endocrine Conditioning..

The very most important:
It's so delicious to drink..
And I drink it every morning now!~