Friday, August 21, 2015

Betjeman & Barton

Attended Panasonic Beauty Workshop...
And enjoying a cup of tea...
At Betjeman & Barton in 1Utama...

Lovely hi-tea session...
Enjoying myself very much..
With my bff...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AirAsia - Indulge with Santan

Flavours with ASEAN...

An extraordinary menu....
The uniqueness is....
It will only be served,
At 35000 feet above sea level...
When you're on board...
At Air Asia Flight!~

Nasi Dagang,
With Chicken Curry,
Plus Dodol...
Nasi Dagang is delicious;
Chicken Curry with Santan is yummy;
Dodol is simply un-resistable!~

Air Asia's Big Breakfast...
With Bun, Butter, Orange Juice,
Sausage, Potatoes, Red Bean, Mushroom...

Chicken Satay Wrap...
My personal preference...
I think the satay tasted just nice...
Inside the special wrap...

Kid's Meal...
Mini Chicken Burger...
Comes with two flavours:
One with mayonnaise,
And one with orange cheddar...
It's too cute!~
No way kids can resist it!~

Roast Chicken with Cream Sauce...
The cream sauce,
Blend perfectly into the chicken!~
A sip of the roast chicken,
Makes me feels like flying without wings!~

Roti Canai,
Malaysian all time favourite...
The size is slightly different,
From what we normally eat in mamak stall,
But I think it's ideal and perfect...
While we dine in-flight!~
You may choose,
To dip into the curry chicken~~~
Or pour the curry on the roti,
And make your own version of  'roti banjir'...
Either way of consuming it..
Also are truly rewarding for my tongue!~

Vegetable pasta with Roast Chicken...
I like the feeling of chewing broccoli,
Together with the cherry tomato,
Plus cucumber,
With the pasta!~
One word to describe:

Smoked Chicken Pizza Sandwich...
More than just a pizza sandwich..
It's in-flight pizza sandwich!~

Air Asia In-flight menu,
Comes together with,
Mouth-watering dessert!~

Chocolate Brownie....
The dark brown piece of brownie,
Melted in my mouth,
Satisfying my taste bud...

If you're not into brownie,
Probably All-Time Favourite Cookies,
Will be your best choice...

My kids like this butter cake..
The aroma of butter,
Will stay in the mouth...
Even after finish eating the cake..

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar,
Is little princess's top favourite..
Chocolate Chip,
Is like treasure in the cake..
She enjoyed chewing,
Each and every piece,
Of the little 'treasure'!

Can you imagine how many variety,
Air Asia In-flight menu's providing?
Only desserts itself....
There're so many types to choose from...
Air Asia's Pineapple Tart...

Last but not least,
Salted Caramel Cookie Bar....

Of course,
This is just a part of
Air Asia In-flight Menu...

Tempting to try it out?
Just booked your flight,
Remember to pre-booked your meal...

While eating the most delicious in-flight meal!~
I'm sure you'll be having a pleasant flight!~

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Air Asia's latest promotions and activities,
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Monday, August 10, 2015

Resort Seafood Steamboat

This is the very first time,
We dine in Resort Seafood Steamboat...

Was attracted by the white crab..
In the mini aquarium...
They looked magnificent, isn't it?

The environment is really comfortable,
The cooling weather in Genting,
Is just nice....
For steamboat!~

We tried and love all the variety of sauces....
It's truly amazing with the choices of sauces they're offering...

Lots of variety of ingredients...

With King's noodles....
Feast like a king!~

The herbal soup is fantastic!~
I'd never tried any steamboat,
With the soup as nice as this!~

We really enjoyed,
The superb meal,
After a superb show!~

Sourly tasted Ice blended,
Melted well in our tummy!~
So mouth-watering!~

Set for 8 persons,
With these big portion of ingredients....
Is priced at RM456 for members,
And RM502 for non-members..

The set include:
Tom yam soup or chicken herbal soup
Shiitake mushroom
Enokitake mushroom
Chimaji mushroom
King Oyster mushroom
Fatt Choi Fish ball
Fu Chew Fish ball
Fried vegetable ball
Bean Curb Roll
Grass Prawns
Ostrich meat
Chicken Supreme Slices
Pacific Clams
Grouper Slices
Poh Choy
White Bean Curb
And King's Noodles...

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