Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pelicana Chicken @ E-Curve

Pelicana Chicken,
Premium Chicken from Korea
Since 1982...
Fresh and Delicious,
With over 2000 outlest in Korea and Worldwide...

To refresh your mind...
You probably seen this scene,
In the very famous Korean Drama...


Pelicana Chicken,
Is the featured fried chicken,
Which is Do Min-joon & Cheon Song-yi's favourite!~

And now...
It's also our family's favourite fried chicken now!~

Kind of fall in love with the yellow sauce...
I normally like to eat food without sauce,
To be able to taste the original taste of the food...
But this Pelicana Fried Chicken,
Is super duper tasty,
With our without the accompaniment of the sauce!~
Amazingly yummy!~

Chicken Peli Crunchy Chicken
(Original Crunchy)
12pcs RM56.50

If you love the oniony smell,
You'd probably love this one:
Spring onion Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken
14pcs RM32.90

With people whom can tolerate,
Mild spicy level...
Probably would like to ops for this one:
Original Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken
14 pcs RM32.90

I consider this as spicy already....
Chracoal BBQ Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken
14 pcs selling at RM32.90

Frankly speaking,
I think this is too spicy for my taste bud...
But bear in mind,
I'm not a very spicy-eater...
You probably might still want to try it!~
Hot Spice Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken
14pcs RM32.90

Immediately search for a cup of drink,
To cool down my tongue...

Mocktails series,
Maracuja Pineapple Passion Fruit Peach
Forest Maracuja Apple Maracuja Apple Rose..
All selling at RM8.50 each...

Smoothies series,
Forest Fruit Yogurt
Pineapple Maracuja Yogurt
Caramelised Apple Peach Yogurt
Pina Colada (Pineapple coconut)
Selling at RM10.90 each

Musaenghae (seasoned radish)
and Miyeok Muchim (Seaweed Salad)
Korean Fragrance Rice
With Black sesame & seaweed...
Selling at RM4.50 each..

Pelicana Chicken doesn't just sell chicken...
Yummy burgers are available, too!~

Peli Jumbo Fillet Burger RM15.50

Peli Spicy D' Fish Burger

Pelicana Ramadhan Platter..

Choices of Platter A & Platter B..
Depends of number of pax...
Save up to 33% for this special Ramadhan Platter!~

Yummy dessert...
Affogato solo,
Selling at RM7.90
The cold ice cream combine really well..
With the aroma of coffee!
Perfect dessert of the day!~

For more info:
Kindly hop over to
Pelicana Chicken Malaysia's facebook
E-Curve Mall
Level 1, Lot 1-43,
Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7732 0087

Monday, June 22, 2015

Alessio Publika - 'Live Fire' Pizza and Stone Grill

Located in Publika Solaris Dutamas,
Serving the best Artisan Bread,
Wood fire pizza & Stone Grill..
An Asian Fusion & Italian Restaurant...

Let's start with Alessio's House Special Mocktail...
Marilyn Monroe (RM9.90),
Orange, mango, longan and fresh mint leaf..
I love the sweetness of mango...
Combining the sourness of oranges,
With the tips of fresh mint leaf..
Simply refreshing drink!~

Itallian Passion (RM11.90)
Passion fruit, lychee, jasmine T, fresh mint leaf...
Passion fruit tasted a bit sourly,
But it's perfect combination for the mocktail!~

Tropical Paradise (RM13.90)
Mango, Pineapple, orange, lychee, longan & Grenadine

"Paradiso" (RM19.00)
Our starter of the day!~
Fruit cocktail salad,
Served with fresh coconut water...
Really felt like in Paradise,
After taking a sip of the coconuty starter!~

A great starter -
Lava Grilled Black Pepper Lamb Kebabs (RM15.00)
Truly fall in love with the sauce...
So delicious!~

The main course:
Duo Salmon (RM29.00)
Charcoal grilled salmon done 2 ways,
In miso butter and teriyaki sauce,
Served with crispy golden enoki..
And customer choice of garlic egg fried rice,
Or Kampong Ikan Bilis Fried Rice...
Such a perfect combination!~

Live Fire Sourdough Crust Pizza:
Hand Toasted (9slices each, 18 inch)
The very special kind of pizza:
Spicy Chicken Pizza (RM25.00)
With the added spicy,
It still taste like a pizza..
What am I talking about?

Coconut Island King (RM28.00)
XL King Prawn Sauce in curry leaves,
And salted egg surrounded in dreamy coconut sauce,
Infused with birds eye chillis,
Served with crispy Vienna milk bun...
The sauce is terrific!~
Taste like it's really made in heaven!~
So yummilicious!~
Truly honoring my taste bud,
For eating such yummy food!~

Another specialty pizza:
Pizza Trio:
Best of 3 worlds:
Pepperoni pizza, Hawaiian Pizza & Wild Mushroom (RM33.00)
If you ask my personal opinion,
Wild mushroom tastes the best!~
The aroma of the wild mushroom,
Fitted perfectly in the pizza!~

Twin Duck Spaghetti (RM27.00)
I'll put this dish as MUST-TRY!~
With crispy bacon, duck confit,
Sundried tomato,
Olive and fresh orange!~
The best spaghetti I'd ever ate!~

Tuscan Lamb Shank (RM49.00)
Tender slow roasted lamb shank in Tuscan ratatuille,
Served with creamy mashed potatoes!
I'm really amazed by.....
How soft the lamb is!~
So soft and tender!~
Basmati Nasi Lemak Muhibbah (RM28.00)
House special Nasi Lemak Muhibbah!~
Served with ayam goreng berempah,
Butter tiger prawn and kari ikan tenggiri...
Nasi not so lemak, but it perfectly fit my tastebud!
I love the way they cooking it!~

Twin Naked Lobster Thermidor (RM168.00)
Truly delectable house fresh lobster,
Made 2 ways in cheesy termidor sauce,
Encrusted in molten 3 cheese,
& Naked at its best grilled with fresh butter...
No words can describe the yumminess in the naked lobster!
Amazingly grilled!~

A perfect meal,
Ended with perfect dessert!~
Simply refreshingly nice!~


For more information and RSVP:
Alessio Publika
A2-G2-09, Publika Mall,
Jalan Dutamas 1.