Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vroom-vroom Meals

Since I show very positive feedback,
When mummy decorate my meals...
By 'sapu' the plate/bowl clean clean...
Motivates mummy to 'create' more,
Nice nice meals for me...
This time,
She prepared Vroom-vroom meals for me...

Lovely car car!
Mummy knows I love vroom vroom so much!
And now,
She turns car car into my meal!
How wonderful...
After finish prepare this one,
Mummy's wondering,
Is it a bus?
Or a van?
Or maybe a big mouth's fellow with colourful eyes?

My yummy yummy vroom vroom meals...
I'm gonna eat and finish it all!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Happy Anniversary to KidsDreamWork

Would like to wish KidsDreamWork,
Happy first Anniversary!~

To celebrate the first anniversary of,
She's hosting a giveaway for 1 lucky reader of her blog!

The giveaway will be opened until 22nd Oct 2010, Friday midnight Malaysia time (GMT+8).

Good luck!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mickey Mouse Ramen

Mummy's preparing soupy Ramen meal for me...

When I first saw my ramen soup,
I'm so surprise!!!
Me: Yor! Yoh! Mama, Mouse!!!
Me: Mama, see, Mouse!!!
Me: Mee Mee, Mouse!

I looked at mummy,
With my sweetest smile.....
Mummy said I looked so impressed,
As if mummy is a super heroin,
Who is able to make anything possible,
Even making mickey mouse as part of my food!!!

Mummy's wondering if it's called a bento...
She didn't packed my meal to anywhere...
She just added in some simple decoration to my food...

I surprised mummy,
By knowing how to spell out,
The last alphabet of mickeY mousE...

Mummy: m-i-c-k-e-
Me: Y
Mummy: m-o-u-s-
Me: E
Mummy: Wow! So, you know how to spell???

Mummy said she planned to use sea-weed as the black part,
Since it's mummy first time using the bento's tool...
She just realize that,
The mickey mouse cutter is unable to cut sea-weed...
She have to replace with another type of cutter,
Which, making the mickey mouse not so 'real' to her...
But, to me, it's just perfectly great!!!

Mummy told me it's really rewarding,
To decorate my meals...
As I finish it ALL!!!
Everything inside the bowl is now in my stomach!!!

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whose new toys?

Mummy bought bento tools,
To decorate my food...

The moment mummy took out the tools...
Me: Mama, New Toys!!!
Mummy: No no, this is not your new toy...
Me: play, play toys...

Mummy initial plan:
To make a beautifully decorated bread bentos for me...

Since I insist to play mummy's new 'toys',
I ended up 'helping' mummy preparing my own food!!!

Me: Mama, bear bear...
Me: Mama, bit (rabbit)...
Me: Mama, bread.. eat (hand over the bread to mummy)
Mummy: You eat you eat...

Right after mummy cut the nice shape out,
All the bread goes into my tummy straight away!!!

There's no nicely decorated bread's photo in this post...
I ate two whole bread!!!
Including the remaining part,
Of making the cutie bear, flowers and rabbits...
I could hardly finish quater of the bread...

Can mummy considering her first bento's attempt,
A total failure?
Since she didn't come up with any food decorations...
Or mayb should she consider as a total success?
Since I ate lots of food we prepare together...
That's her main objectives of buying the tools, isn't it?

Both mummy and me having fun with our new 'toys'!!!

The next morning when I wake up,
Me: Mama, toy, bread bread.....
And again,
We having fun with our new 'toys'....

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Go Organic!

Recently I love pasta...

My first try on organic pasta,
With farm animals shapes......

Taste not bad~~~~~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Froggie Porridge

Wai Gong buy new ingredients again,
For mummy to cook porridge for me.......

This time,
Froggie porridge.....
Added in some ginger!~

Taste sweet sweet...
I like it!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Choc Biscuit

This chocolate biscuit,
Is one of my favourite food recently......

I always request for choc biscuit from mummy...
And normally,
Mummy will give me one piece......

After a while,
Me: Mama, hold for Sean...
Mummy: Why? You cannot hold it yourself?
Me: Sean Sean hand dirty, how?
Mummy: (As if mummy's hand won't dirty,
After holding the chocolate biscuit)
Well, ok.....

After mummy help me to hold the biscuit,
While I take a bite on it......
I'll start licking my fingers!~

Finger's licking good's biscuits!

Since the biscuit is so yummy,
You'll be thinking,
I might want to finish it all by myself......

The truth is,
I love sharing nice things,
With everyone!~

Everytime I get my favourite biscuit from mummy,
I'll give it to everyone in the house,
One for daddy,
One for mummy,
One for wai gong,
One for wai por,
One for gu gu...
etc etc.......
Then only I'll start eating my own biscuit...

I realize one simple truth:
Nice thing will get nicer...
Yummy food will be taste more delicious...
When we share it with everyone!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Big Bone Porridge

I always love to eat xiu yok!~
Which I called it meat meat...
Wai gong bought big bone xiu yok,
From the market,
As the main ingredient of my porridge......

The whole bowl of porridge,
With the aroma of xiu yok!~

Orignated from 'Little Prince'

My Yummy Meal

Mummy prepare ABC pasta for me again...
Of course not with the yucky ready-made-sauce......
This time,
She add in carrot, broccoli, corn, hotdog, cheese.....
Very nice colour combination...

She prepared another bowl of vege-soup for me, too!
As I'm always a soup-lover...

Simply delicious!~

Orignated from 'Little Prince'

Bird Nest Porridge

It's been sometimes,
Mummy didn't add in any new ingredients,
For my daily porridge.......
I suppose mummy run out of idea,
What new ingredients,
To add in for my porridges...

During mummy's both pregnancy,
Mummy ate a lot of bird nest......
She suddenly think of,
Why don't just add in some bird nest,
Into my porridge......
Since I refuse to drink,
Everytime mummy offers me bird nest......

Bird nest porridge.....
I like it!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Yee Mee

Mummy introduce new type of mee:

The ingredient?
Nothing much,
Just added in tomato and beans,
And also an egg~~~~~~
That's all~

It tastes yummy!~
Noodle soup is always my favourite!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'


Other than drinking my milo,
And eating biscuits......

I drink my milo,
Together with these cornflakes!~

For my breakfast~~~~~~~

Originated from 'Little Prince'


My recent favourite:
Ikan Bilis tidbits!~

Instead of eating junky food,
I love to chew my tidbits,
Whenever I feels like eating something...

I like the crunchy sound,
When I'm chewing the ikan bilis!~
It's definately yummy!!!

Originated from 'Little Prince'