Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Heineken® Brings more ‘HEI’ to Gong Hei Fatt Choy

As the festive spirit of the approaching Lunar New Year envelopes us, Heineken® extends a unique invitation to uphold the age-old tradition of exchanging greetings with a refreshing twist. Unveiling the Heineken® GONG HEI FILTER – the ultimate HEI enhancer designed to inject an additional burst of joy into your Gong Hei Fatt Choy wishes this Year of the Dragon. 

Apart from being the three initial letters of Heineken®, the character “HEI” in the Cantonese greeting expresses jubilations of a joyful celebration. Now, amplify the joy by adding more HEI. The GONG HEI Instagram filter ingeniously transforms the "HEI" on your Heineken® can into vibrant Chinese New Year greetings! Whether you're sliding into your loved ones’ DMs or spreading HEI love in group chats, this filter ensures your celebrations are a touch fresher this year.

What enhances the GONG HEI filter even further is the relief from the need to brainstorm a unique CNY greeting for your group chats; the GONG HEI filter handles that for you. Infuse every greeting with the infectious “HEI” spirit, choosing from as many as five (5) variations of HEI greetings that will make you the main character of your own Chinese New Year celebrations.

Refreshing your HEI greeting with the GONG HEI filter is simple! Just follow these three straightforward steps:

Step 1: Connect with us on Instagram: @heinekenmy.

Step 2: Locate the link to the GONG HEI filter in our bio. 

Step 3: Align the HEI on your Heineken® can to the filter, tap to choose your favourite HEI greeting, and voila!

With Heineken® in hand, your celebrations are destined to be more auspicious.

Joyce Lim, Marketing Manager at Heineken Malaysia Berhad, expressed, “Recognising the evolving preferences for innovative expressions amongst the tech-savvy generation, Heineken® aligns seamlessly with their vibrant spirit. The GONG HEI filter goes beyond its role as a playful and Instagram-worthy tool; it offers a unique experience that fosters connections with others, spreading and amplifying the joy and festive cheer in a refreshing manner that is distinctly Heineken®. Picture a Heineken® in the palm of our hands, symbolising not just a beverage but a unique connector to the essence of celebration."

Enjoy your refreshing first sip with Heineken® on Chinese New Year at 15% off in this season of spreading all things good. Keep your eyes peeled for the Heineken® GONG HEI trucks cruising the streets around Klang Valley, Johor, and Penang from 15th January to 29th February. Spot the GONG HEI trucks, take a picture, upload it to your Instagram story, remember to tag @heinekenmy on Instagram, and get ready to transform those discounts into a celebration with a 15% off voucher on Heineken® products. 

Watch out for these guys! 

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