Thursday, November 24, 2016

Anchor Travel Cake Chef Demonstration

The Anchor Travel Cake Chef Demonstrations,
By Anchor Food Professionals Pastry Chefs:
Chef Chrispian and Chef Ken Tan...

Adding chocolate topping..
To the travel cake...

500g Milk Coverture
25g Canola Oil

Melt milk coverture,
By using a double boiler..
Then remove from heat,
And mix in canola oil,
Until well-combined...

Leave the glaze,
To cool down at 35 degree celcius,
Then pour over the cake...
To coat evenly...

Here you go:
Beautifully poured:
Milk Chocolate Glaze...

Chocolate Prunes Lollipop,

Homemade Pastry Cream
500g UHT Full Cream Milk
1pc Vanilla pods (or 3g Vanilla Essence)
125g Caster Suger
100g Egg Yolk (or 5 nos Egg Yolk)
40g Custard Powder
50g Anchor Unsalted Butter

Bring the milk,
And vanilla pod (or vanilla essence)
To a boil...

In a mixing bowl,
Mix caster sugar and egg yolk together.
Then, mix in custard powder until well-combined.
Pour the hot milk into the egg mixture and mix well..
Then, transfer the mixture back into the pot,
And continue to cook..
Until thickened and bubbling.
Remove the mixture from heat.
Immediately add in the butter and mix well..

Diplomat Cream
500g Homemade pastry cream
125g Anchor Unsalted Butter, softened and at room temperature

Bring the pastry cream to room temperature
By using a mixer with whisk attachment,
Mix pastry cream until smooth
Add in the softened butter,
And mix until well combined and smooth..

Dark Chocolate Glaze
500g Dark Couverture 58%
50g Canola Oil
35g Roasted Almond Nibs

Melt dark couverture using double boiler..
Remove from heat and mix in canola oil,
And roasted almond nibs.

Assemblings the Chocolate Prunes Lollipop:
Cute the cake into small rectangular slices,
Then insert a popsicle stick...

Spread the top the cake slices,
With Diplomat cream.
Keep it refrigerated and chill,
For 15 minutes until the cream is set.

Dip the cake lollipop,
Into the dark chocolate glaze,
By holding the popsicle stick..

Shake the excess chocolate off,
Before placing it to set on a parchment paper..

Decorate as desired...

Dang Dang Dang Dang!~
My favourite Chocolate Prunes Lollipop!!!


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tottori food fair 2016

Went to concorse floor,
Isetan Suria KLCC...

Guess what?
There's a Tottori Food and Tourism Fair there..
From 11-20 November 2016,

Too bad,
I miss the meet & greet session..
I'd love to meet Conan...

My personal top preferences:
Plain Miso Soup...
It taste so nice...
Even it's plain...

Super duper huge red queen crab...
I wonder how it taste like...

The peach is super XL size!~
Must be very juicy!~

Ume Sake "Nokyo"
Tasted very nice!~
It tasted even nicer,
When it's heated up to 60 degree celcius!~

Smoked Soy sauce...
From Tottori Prefecture..
The food capital of Japan!

If you love some snacks..
This would definitely be your choice!~

Monday, November 14, 2016

D' Food Caravanz @ Sungei Wang

D' Food Caravanz...
Food Truck Concept...
In Sungei Wang..

I like their table and chair designs..
Everyone whom dine here,
Is required to clean the table before leaving...

Surrounded by food trucks!~

Our first order,
The best Nasi Arab in Town..

The nasi briyani tasted yummy,
So does the chicken...
Together with the canned drink,
Selling at RM10

The mushroom soup is quite creamy.
It's nice as well..

Next, we ops for some snacks..
At SS2 Goreng Pisang...

They don't only just goreng pisang,
But they got a few others fried stuff as well..

Thumbs up to the crispiness!~

Looking for some Japanese food?
Ganbatte! could be a great choice!~

Takoyaki is always my favourite Japanese snack!~
It comes with a bottle of mineral water,
At only RM5!~

Last but not least,
We also ordered nasi lemak...
Saw many people is eating this..
And we end up also trying it out..
Not bad!~

Fancy some food from the food truck?
Just head over to D' Food Caravanz at Sungei Wang!~

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

China Treasures CNY2017 Food Review

Sime Darby Convertion Centre,
China Treasures CNY 2017 Food Review..

Salmon Fish & Crystal Pear Prosperity 'Yee Sang'
It's really good to 'lou sang'
At this point of time..
Fun and great gathering,
With blogger friends..

Double Boiled Black chicken soup,
With Dried Scallop & Ginseng Root..
I like this soup very much!~

Roasted Golden Sesame Seed Chicken,
Served with Vietnamese Dressing...
Vietnamese dressing tasted really unique..

Tiger Pranws with Assam Sauce 'Nyonya' Style..
The hidden treasure is the ladies finger /okra..
Underneath the prawn...
Must try!!
It tastes superb with the Nyonya sauce..

I realized I didn't snap the photo of the fish..
Probably because it tastes too nice?
I like the vegetables very much as well..

Fried rice with diced chicken and golden sea whelk..
It's really yummy!~

Deep Fried CNY money bag!
Must Eat this!
This is the best of among all the dishes~~
Paired up well with..
Chilled 'Aiyu' Jelly and Longan,
With Lemongrass Lime Syrup..

The chef that cook all the dishes!~

The prices are as follows:
RM598 nett at October 2016,
RM698 nett at November 2016,
Rm798 nett at December 2016.
Compared to the original pricing of
RM1388 per table!

For reservation,
Call / email China Treasures,
At 03-2089 3788
Or enquiries
At 03-2089 3688