Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tottori food fair 2016

Went to concorse floor,
Isetan Suria KLCC...

Guess what?
There's a Tottori Food and Tourism Fair there..
From 11-20 November 2016,

Too bad,
I miss the meet & greet session..
I'd love to meet Conan...

My personal top preferences:
Plain Miso Soup...
It taste so nice...
Even it's plain...

Super duper huge red queen crab...
I wonder how it taste like...

The peach is super XL size!~
Must be very juicy!~

Ume Sake "Nokyo"
Tasted very nice!~
It tasted even nicer,
When it's heated up to 60 degree celcius!~

Smoked Soy sauce...
From Tottori Prefecture..
The food capital of Japan!

If you love some snacks..
This would definitely be your choice!~

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