Monday, November 14, 2016

D' Food Caravanz @ Sungei Wang

D' Food Caravanz...
Food Truck Concept...
In Sungei Wang..

I like their table and chair designs..
Everyone whom dine here,
Is required to clean the table before leaving...

Surrounded by food trucks!~

Our first order,
The best Nasi Arab in Town..

The nasi briyani tasted yummy,
So does the chicken...
Together with the canned drink,
Selling at RM10

The mushroom soup is quite creamy.
It's nice as well..

Next, we ops for some snacks..
At SS2 Goreng Pisang...

They don't only just goreng pisang,
But they got a few others fried stuff as well..

Thumbs up to the crispiness!~

Looking for some Japanese food?
Ganbatte! could be a great choice!~

Takoyaki is always my favourite Japanese snack!~
It comes with a bottle of mineral water,
At only RM5!~

Last but not least,
We also ordered nasi lemak...
Saw many people is eating this..
And we end up also trying it out..
Not bad!~

Fancy some food from the food truck?
Just head over to D' Food Caravanz at Sungei Wang!~

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