Wednesday, November 2, 2016

China Treasures CNY2017 Food Review

Sime Darby Convertion Centre,
China Treasures CNY 2017 Food Review..

Salmon Fish & Crystal Pear Prosperity 'Yee Sang'
It's really good to 'lou sang'
At this point of time..
Fun and great gathering,
With blogger friends..

Double Boiled Black chicken soup,
With Dried Scallop & Ginseng Root..
I like this soup very much!~

Roasted Golden Sesame Seed Chicken,
Served with Vietnamese Dressing...
Vietnamese dressing tasted really unique..

Tiger Pranws with Assam Sauce 'Nyonya' Style..
The hidden treasure is the ladies finger /okra..
Underneath the prawn...
Must try!!
It tastes superb with the Nyonya sauce..

I realized I didn't snap the photo of the fish..
Probably because it tastes too nice?
I like the vegetables very much as well..

Fried rice with diced chicken and golden sea whelk..
It's really yummy!~

Deep Fried CNY money bag!
Must Eat this!
This is the best of among all the dishes~~
Paired up well with..
Chilled 'Aiyu' Jelly and Longan,
With Lemongrass Lime Syrup..

The chef that cook all the dishes!~

The prices are as follows:
RM598 nett at October 2016,
RM698 nett at November 2016,
Rm798 nett at December 2016.
Compared to the original pricing of
RM1388 per table!

For reservation,
Call / email China Treasures,
At 03-2089 3788
Or enquiries
At 03-2089 3688


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