Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Legoland Halloween Food

Went to Legoland, Johor..
For Halloween event.....
I'm very impressed..
With how they decorate the food...
During the event...

Axed Beef Pastrami with Toxic Mushroom...
Toxic mushroom leh...
I dare you to taste it...

Witch Finger Pretzel Rods
It really really looks like a witch finger...
Ponder a second..
Whether should I really..
Eat the witch finger....

Bat Wing
Very obviously..
It's chicken wing...
Is there any chances,
This might be the real bat wing?

With a spider coming out,
From the pumpkin..
Even the tag they use...
Is decorated according to the theme...

Witches Tortilla Rolled up Lollipop
The most 'normal' food..
Among all the dishes served...

Jingle Worm Fried Rice
Will you eat the rice....
With lots of jingle worms above it?

Witches Brew Cupcakes
Now only I knew..
Witches are really good in baking!
The cupcakes looks really amazing!~

Wormy Cheese Cake
I'm really scared of worm!!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!~

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  1. I like Halloween food because they are so cute. Too cute to eat, in fact. Too bad I am not able to go to Legoland for Halloween.

  2. Awh love the decoration for the Halloween food and the witches brew cupcakes are so creatively done as well. This must have been a real fun experience too.

  3. Wahhhh so creative la! Mesti rasa nak makan semua :D

  4. Among all, I like the Witch Finger, so interesting the presentation ;)

  5. Love it when food gets creative! Like yumssss and pretty!

  6. The decorations were surely awesome.. only thing was the weather was so hot the graves began to melt.... hahahahaah