Monday, October 5, 2015

Signature Snack - Healthy Fresh Delivered

Latest internet trend,
To hit Malaysia market....

Why choose Signature Snack?

Freshly baked:
Snacks are baked a few days before
It reach our door step....
So we always get the freshest product..

Really Delicious:
Secret recipe is actually freshness.
Nothing beats freshly baked goodness...

Over 50 Snacks:
50 wholesome snacks to choose from,
Introducing 3-5 new snacks monthly..

100% Natural:
No artificial flavours,
No trans-fat & No preservatives.

Weight Loss:
Nuts and seeds can satisfy hunger between meals,
Improves our diet...

Health Benefits:
Dried fruits, nuts & seed,
Are rich in antioxidant,
Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

My monthly subscription box...
I just login to Signature
And choose my preferred snack of the month...

My snacks will delivered right to my doorstep...
With no delivery charge...
You heard me correctly:
Absolutely free delivery!~

Reasonable price.

My selection of the month:
Healthy Nut Mix..
Pecan, Almond, Cashew, Hazelnut, Peanut...
Net weight: 140g

Chocolate Chip Almond Crumble:
Almond Butter, Cane Suger,
Himalayan Salt, Egg,
Natural Vanilla Extract,
Flour, Chocolate Chip.
Net Weight: 110g

MAC Chocolate Chip Cookies
Almond, Chocolate Chip,
Sugar, Eggs, Flour, Butter
Net Weight 180g

Maple Caramel Cocoa Almond
Almond, Cocoa Powder,
Cane Suger, Natural Maple Flavour,
Net Weight 110g

Seventh Heaven Trail Mix
Dark Chocolate, Cranberries,
Hawaiian Coconut Flakes,
Yellow Raisins, Almonds,
Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds.
Net Weight 140g

For more information on Signature Snack,
Kindly hop over to their facebook page,
Instagram or twitter..

5 packs in 1 box,
The normal subscription is RM59.90.

Good news for my readers:
You're entitled RM20 Off for the 1st box..
That means,
You are going to get your box with only RM39.90!~
By just login with my promo code as below:

It's so addictive..
Once start eating...
I can't get my mouth stop...
Until all the snack finish!~

I'll just have to stop writing now..
As it's my snack time now!
Till then!


  1. Oh wow.. Sounds great.. I want some too... So I might just do that....

  2. so yummy snacks, can't have enough of it. good for travel eat too.

  3. Seems so convenient to get snacks at our doorstep. I wonder how far they can deliver to.

  4. Ah i love healthy snacks!! :) looks good there

    X, FiSh @

  5. nice. good and healthy is something i am looking at

  6. Im so tempted to order myself a few packs of it. Looks like a healthy snack to munch on

  7. This is good to know and great to those watching their figure
    Thanks for the info

  8. i love their many choices of snacks no doubt i will continue to be their long term customer too.

  9. Interesting, prefer my snacks from the indian lady that sells them near my house but this is a novel way if want to package as gift.

  10. YUmmy! I love Signarute Snack too, hope they keep up the good quality.

  11. Yummy so nice healthy snacks! :D It is affordable price to buy the packages :)

  12. Fresh snacks. What a great idea. And the packaging looks good too which can also be turned into a gift.

  13. good food, healthy food. I need to kick start a diet like this soon. btw, clicked on your google friend connect to follow. Do return the favour at my blog ya :D

  14. this is something that I would choose to eat nowadays :) I love healthy snacks! :D

  15. Thanks for the sharing, time to order myself few packs of healthy snacks to munch on while drafting the blog posts :)