Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Venezuela Gastronomic Festival @ Pullman KLCC

I really have a feeling...
I'm flying to Venezuela to dine.....
The truth is...

The delicious food...
Is flying to Pullman KLCC...
For me....
And for the rest of you all....
To be very exact....
Two very outstanding guest chef:
Enrique Limardo And Federico Tischler,
Is flying all the way,
From Venezuela to Kuala Lumpur...
To prepare the wonderful dishes...
At Venezuela Gastronomic Festival....

The most common finger food,
In Venezuela:
Freshly made Cachapas..
Sweet corn pancake,
Topped with light gooey cheese

Highly recommended!~
It's a must try,
For Venezuela's food!

Raina Pepiada
Chicken morsels,
Coated via avocado mayonnaise...

Personally like,
The taste of,
Avocado mayonaise very much!~

Carne Mechada
Shredded beef,
Venezuela Style....

Perfect match,
With Arepas....

Pan de bono
Cassava Bread...

Yuka Fries..
It's Tapioca chips,
With cilantro moji...

Added dip of 'gula melaka'
Makes the taste extra beautiful!~

Deep-fried stuffed pastry~

Camiguana Frita,
Deep Fry Silver Fish...

The crispiness is just so crunchy!~

Roasted Beef with Guasacaca,
The choice of
Avocado Salsa,
Green pepper,
Or Coinander sauce...

Which sauce you think,
Will be the best couple,
For the roasted beef?

 Black bean...

Arroz con coco 
(Coconut rice)

I think this dish taste,
Exactly like our nasi lemak...

Compota de platanus
(Platain compote)

The sweetness,
Is naturally from the banana!~

Calamares guisados en salsa leche de coco y curry con cilantro...
What a long name....
It's actually stew squids,
With coconut milk,
And curry with cilantro...

If you are curry lover,
You'll definitely like this!~

Escabeche de carite...
Fried fish marinated with.
Vegetables, oil and vinegar...

It's a bit too sour for me though~

Hervido de costilla
Rib and oxtail soup...

Vuelve a al vida..
Seafood cocktail...

I'd say,
The taste is pretty unique...
Just try it out yourself!~

Dessert time!~
My favourite all the time!~
I know...
It's very fattening..
But just can't resist...

Especially this one:
Quesillo - Venezuelan flan...
Truly sweet....
Until the sweetness stays in my heart....
I love it so much!~

My 2nd favourite of Venezuela's dessert:
Bien Mesabe...
Coconut Cake..
I like the aroma of the coconut..
'Bombing' out from the cake..
When I take a bite of it!~
Simply satisfying!~

Torta de jojoto
Corn Cake...
It's the dessert type of
Venezuela's finger food,
Whom they called it Cachapas...

Torta de pina
Pineapple tart..

I'm not really a pineapple lover..
But if you're,
You will probably gonna love it!

Jalea de mango verde
Green mango jelly...

Venezuela's Chocolate layer cake...
I think it'll taste even better,
If it is served chilled...
I still like it....
When I take a bite of those....
Completely different tasting experience,
If you tried Indonesian layer cake...
It's much more richer in taste!
Worth a try!~

Venezuela Gastornomic Festival
22-31 October 2015
RM125.95 per adult
All prices are inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% GST

For reservation,
Kindly contact:
Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences
4, Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603-21708888 extn.8119


  1. I always love to try the dessert.
    Everytime I go for a big event, I always look forward to taste the dessert.
    Did you try any of the food?

  2. Latin American dishes always have that special place in my heart right next to chinese dishes and pork. Always gives me the same excitement that I get from dancing.

  3. wow yummy food and place to dine. Where is it near to this place? Not sure of this hotel no hear before.

  4. it is a nice delights there. i love the shrimp skewers

  5. delicious food!i wan to try them out!!!

  6. Surprisingly their Empanadas deep-fried stuffed fish pastry like our local curry puff is good and i had 2 pieces.

  7. Lucky... get to try this yummy Venezuelan dishes... I want too!!!

  8. Oh yummy! All the dishes are so unique and different from our usual taste haha. Would love to try

  9. Surprisingly their food is so yummy! I wish I could have more hehehe

  10. Not much chance to try out Venezuela cuisine here, the foods look really delicious, especially the desserts :)

  11. give me meat, give me desert, i'll probably pass on the mushy stuff. :)
    nice showcase of venezuelan food here.